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We’re still a couple weeks away from a completed bathroom, but the most important things are finally done!
The cats have been supervising the progress quite closely. Lucy says, "The toilet is solidly in place. I approve." We’ve taken a few baths now (ahh! to be able to get clean in my own home, rather than using the showers at work), but I think I’m going to have to put a door on there for the shower. My big showerhead sprays kind of wide, and I don’t think a curtain will work.

I haven’t taken pictures of the chickens for awhile, and I know you are all missing them, so here are a couple from this morning:

Unlike Edwin, who has become increasingly cranky with the wind, the chickens are just as sweet-natured as ever. They’ve been hunkered down under the porch and in the coop, but come running every time I come outside, hoping for something good to eat. I’ve made sure they had some good treats this week, lots of apples and a bit of brown rice, which are some of their favorites. The General is looking particularly regal these days, don’t you think? He struts around like the supreme leader, but he’s really such a sweetheart. When he is the first one there when I come out with a treat, he makes a particular clucking sound, as if to say, "Ladies, there is something fine for you to feast on, come at once!" And he waits until the majority of the hens are there before he takes any for himself. What a smart man!

And because stress levels are still quite high around here, I started another mini quilt:
I’m almost done quilting. I love making these little guys. They’re just as satisfying as completing a big quilt, but so much quicker.


  1. The bathroom looks great. Just a suggestion for the shower door as I’ve been really pleased with ours:

  2. I like it. 🙂 The chickens are looking good (and not in a “good enough to eat” sort of way–sorry if I alarmed you).

  3. My hens have slowed way down in their laying. Just this morning I finally got a blue egg from one of the Aracaunas. It has been weeks since either one of them has laid. IFrom the 9 hens, I have been averaging maybe 5 eggs a day. Hopwfully it will pick up again. I had to put their timer light on again, as they were not getting enough daylight hours to lay. Still, wouldn’t trade all the work for anything!
    Bathroom looks great, by the way!

  4. The bathroom looks great! What a difference from the before picture with the ivy wallpaper!

  5. I miss my chickens! Yours are lovely. Thanks for the photos.
    Your bathroom is looking great. How much longer until it’s finished, do you think?

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