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Today I covered my camera strap with cute fabric.


It was a vintage wool Liberty of London tie I had squirreled away, waiting for just the right project. I really love it.


I was feeling like I haven't been very productive lately, but I actually have been working on some things. I'm just a little scattered right now.


Two little softies will be on their way to Australia this week for a new book, and I've finally figured out a pattern for the pink and brown quilt I need to make.

My new little layer, on the other hand, has been very productive. One of her very first eggs was a double yolker


And two last words: Greek Nachos. Yum. Okay, that was three words. 



  1. Beautifully done projects–pretty and cute, respectively! And, the nachos look delicious (I need breakfast now).

  2. Cute what you did with the camera strap. Nice fabric! The Greek nachos sound fantastic! I could eat something like that for breakfast right now, I think.

  3. Nice work on that camera strap!

  4. Love the camera strap! So cute! And those nachos look fantastic.

  5. Love the camera strap. I need to make one of those. And the nachos look fa ntastic.

  6. If you didn’t have such style, you would never have been able to pull off “Greek Nachos.”

  7. Wow! I love it all! What is the book in Australia for? I still wish we lived closer to one another! ((sigh))

  8. hello, your page very beatiful, your page background is pink, my favorite is color. your hand made very enterting. nice work on that love the camera strap. I wait my page. thank you. see you later again.

  9. Oh, I should have said more about the book! It’s called Simple Softies and
    it’s the same people that did Softies (which was re-published in the U.S. as
    “Softies Only a Mother Could Love”) and More Softies ( This one will be
    softies for kids to make, so super easy and all sewn by hand. I can’t wait
    to see what all they come up with! And there is always the chance that
    they’ll do a U.S. version eventually.
    I’m so envious of all the canning and pickling you’ve been doing! I wish I
    could come over and put up fruit with you!

  10. Wait…so you’re providing patterns for the book?! How wonderful!
    Yes, just think of the amount of jars we could fill and we combined forces! šŸ™‚

  11. Love, love, love the camera strap! What a great idea!

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