picking up the needles again

Posted by on June 21, 2007 in knit | 7 comments

Where did everybody go? I don’t get tons of comments, but it’s just been crickets chirping this week. I hope you are all okay out there.

SuperstarAlong with the quilt I’m working on for the nephew (who will be arriving in October), I’m knitting a cute little sweater. Coincidentally, it matches the quilt quite nicely. I actually tried making this little guy a long time ago, but was frustrated by an error in the pattern or in my gauge, I’m not sure which. Let’s just blame it on the pattern, shall we? I found some green yarn to replace the light blue. Last night, after sewing up my last quilt block, I settled into bed with my laptop and a movie, a bowl of popcorn (light butter, so my hands wouldn’t get greasy) and knitted away. Petey joined me, and although the movie was only so-so, it was quite a nice way to spend the evening, I highly recommend it.

And just because I’m sure everyone has been wondering, here’s a little geese update. They’re a couple months old now, and happily living outside. We gave them an old dog house, but they seem to prefer to sleep in the weeds, which they have also done a fine job of mowing down. They’ve grown on me a bit, they are quite cute and are learning to stand up for themselves against the chickens, who think that the geese feed must be much better than their own and are always eating it. When they get fed up with the chickens they snap and grab at tail feathers. That seems to keep the chickens in line.


  1. Ooooh, I hope that the nephew coming in October is who I think it is 🙂 I love watching movies in bed! The geese are so darling. I can’t believe how big they are allready, and the silly chickens, I love it…

  2. Hi – I just found your blog via Nonnie! I added you to my bloglines and will catch up on your posts over the weekend!

  3. On our farm we had white china geese. I loved to watch them swimming on the pond! It was just one of those sights that make your heart happy. We limited ourselves to 2, though, because even with 150 acres to roam, they would congregate on the driveway and, well, poop!!! LOL
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    God bless.

  4. How they have grown.

  5. perhaps everyone is fine tuning their lurking skills ?? just remember we are still here with you even though we don’t say that we are !!

  6. ooh, that’s going to be cool, does it come in daddy size?

  7. We are still here! I was on vacation and not posting but still reading!

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