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It's app time! Since I recently mentioned Downton Abbey, I thought I'd tell you how I initially found it. PBS has this handy (free!) app that lets you preview their most popular series, it includes schedules for your local station, spotlights of selected shows, and even limited-time viewing of complete programs. 

image from www.flickr.comYou can even share what you're watching on Twitter and Facebook. I am particularly enjoying episodes of Julia Child. It's not the original French chef series, but she introduces a chef each episode and then that chef cooks a signature dish. It's a nice distraction when you're awoken at five in the morning by yet another cat fight. But that is a story for another post. Anyway, it's free, it's well-designed, polished, and it's educational. Get it! 



  1. hello, i have been and not able to be on the computer and post blog post but your blog is looking nice and I am happy to come and visit. I read an article that said that blogging is dead and now everyone is much to busy to read blog posts so now they just tweet on twitter, but I love reading blogs and tweeting is more impersonal, KEEP BLOGS ALIVE!!!! Is that the iphone 4 that you have?

  2. It is an iPhone 4, I've just had it for a few weeks.
    I don't see how blogging could be dead, I know I'll be here for a good long time yet :o) 

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