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Posted by on October 12, 2006 in stitch | 1 comment

This bag has been sitting unfinished on my sewing machine for I don’t know how many weeks. Until last night, that is.
It only took maybe half an hour to finish it up. I don’t know what the problem was. I have lots of little unfinished things laying around, so I am declaring this the week of finishing! I think I must have some sort of mental block. My sewing room is a disaster area, so I don’t want to work on anything. I can’t concentrate when I’m surrounded by a bunch of messy stuff. I had the same problem in college, I couldn’t study at home if it was messy. So I spent more time cleaning than reading. Bad student! And it’s the same thing in the kitchen. I absolutely cannot start to cook if there are dirty dishes in the sink. Everything has to be clean to start with. A little OCD maybe? I’ve just got to find a way to compromise. Clean up a pile of stuff, finish the garden apron that was sitting under the unfinished bag on the sewing machine, straighten up a shelf, sew together the rest of a patchwork quilt top, and so on. I’ll give it a shot.

Here, at least is a very tidy little corner:
It was so pretty this morning on the porch. I would much rather have stayed here than gone to work. I picked up that rug at Home Depot a few weeks ago for only $20! And it’s plastic, so it’s just perfect for the porch.

One more family member is starting to blog. Another brother! He’ll be posting lots of his beautiful photographs, and other stuff. Only one more brother to go and we’ll be an all-blogging family. 

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  1. The bag is so sweet, as is the porch it’s displayed on! Good for you…finishing projects has never been my strong suit. So much to finish, so many new things to start!

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