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Posted by on December 19, 2009 in craft | 8 comments

Things are hopping in my little house studio. Today I made this:


I followed this tutorial at Creature Comforts, so easy and so cute, I think! I used a bit of silk and raided my mother-of-pearl buttons to dress it up a little. It's light and comfortable to wear. I might have to make some more for gifts. 


I have lots more to share all week. Who else is making gifts this weekend?



  1. So cute! I’ll have to check out the tutorial.
    I’m working on gifts this weekend, too. Little cable-knitted coffee cup sleeves. Currently taking a break from number three.

  2. I’m making gifts, but the electricity went out in the basement as I was ironing fabric for pj pants. The fuse box is on the other half of the duplex and the residents are gone.

  3. I have made 3 sets of Raggedy Anne and Andy, 2 white baby quilts and 7 Chinese aprons with 2 to go. Also started 4 recipe books to go with some of the aprons! I’m tired!!

  4. I am enthralled by this piece. It would go perfectly with so many black dresses that I have in mind. Wow.

  5. Make one (or two or three!), the tutorial I linked to is great, and it took less than an hour! I made two for gifts, and both recipients loved them. 

  6. Love it! Quick question – are the edges of the ruffle raw, or do you have to turn them under and hem? I think this would be a great progress to teach the young women I work with at church!

  7. Oh, I think they would love it! The edges are raw, the fabric is cut on the bias, so it won't ravel. Plus, I think it would get too bulky if it was hemmed. Let me know if you do it, and what they think!

  8. Perfect – thanks so much! I’ll keep you posted…

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