Memory Loss

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I forgot two things yesterday that I wanted to post here. One is a picture of all my birthday loot:


I have some really nice friends. The flowers were from the husband, I love those bright colors! And another friend remembered a conversation we had months ago about how much I loved the movie, "The Apple-Dumpling Gang" when I was growing up and she found it on DVD! It’s as good as I remembered. And I got Itunes gift cards and delicious perfume and candles and I just really love everything. Do you see that gift bag on the right? It’s pink! It’s toile! If natural linen wasn’t my signature fabric, toile would be.

The other thing, since we’re sharing embarrassing stories, is that Saturday I went to a wedding. I had the directions to the reception site, and knew that the church was right across the street. I found the reception site and parked my car and noticed that people were arriving for a wedding at the church next door. I was supposed to meet a friend outside before going in, but after looking around and calling her repeatedly I decided I’d better go in because it was getting quite late. I signed the guest book and the usher was escorting me to my seat. He handed me a program, which I glanced at and saw that the bride and groom were not Sheri and Wilbur, as I was expecting, but Suzanne and Paul. Oops. Wrong wedding. So I told the usher, oops! I’m supposed to meet my friend outside, I better go see if she is here. It was very subtle, especially the way I ran down the aisle. When I got outside and walked down the block a bit I saw that there was another church on the other side of the reception site. And the bride was about to go into the church. So I ran inside and sat down just as the wedding started. Sorry, Suzanne and Paul! Your wedding looked really beautiful and the programs were nice. I hope you enjoy my signature in your guest book. Sorry I didn’t get you a present.


  1. LOL @ wedding incident!! I hope there are no incidents this Friday when I go to a wedding. I still need to find a dress tomorrow though. Getting down to the wire!
    I love the apple dumpling gang too. You got some nice gifts!

  2. Oh my gosh…you just gave me a very odd “apple dumpling gang” viewing flashback, of a boy pulling my pigtails through the whole movie in grammar school! haha!
    You and your bother’s stories are too funny, I bet the bride looked at the guestbook and didn’t even think twice about the odd signature…our wedding was so huge there were all sorts of people that came that we didn’t know!
    I’m bummed I won’t be able to make it out for the sweet pea day, it lands on the day that we’re going to the Rennaisance fair. I hope you take photos, so I can visit vicariously… It looks like such a fun place to visit, I’ve bookmarked the site so maybe I can still visit one day down the line. 🙂

  3. that is actually a very funny story. (because it wasn’t me, for once!)
    I followed the link from craftsquad to here…I love your blog. and I am so jealous of your japanese marketplace.

  4. I’m here to share my many embarrassing stories so you all can feel better about yourselves :o).

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