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Lampshade I got a lampshade, so that’s one project down. I took my lamp with me to Lamps Plus, and tried a bunch of different styles, and I think I was right about the drum shape, and Keri was right about the burlap-y fabric. I still think I’d like a yellow shade, but I think I’d have to do that myself. Maybe one day I’ll get brave and recover this shade, but I’m enjoying this one in the meantime. It creates a really lovely glow in the room too.

I tried a white shade and it looked really horrible, it made the lamp look rather dirty.  I mean, I know it’s old and a little dinged up, but i love that about it. In fact, when the salesman came over to help me, he changed out the old harp for a new shiny brass one. Then he thought he was being so generous and offered to let me keep the new one for free. I didn’t bother trying to explain that I like the old, tarnished one much, much better, and please get that nasty shiny one off my pretty lamp. I just smiled and nodded, and changed it back as soon as I got home. I know it doesn’t even show with the lampshade on, I just don’t see why I’d need a new harp when the old one works just fine and the patina matches the lamp. There was also a lady at the store offering me advice on the shades that I was looking at, and she was all for me getting a bell-shaped shade because it was more feminine. She claimed to be an interior designer and I didn’t know how to politely tell her that despite the fact that my lamp is, in fact, quite flowery, I didn’t want it to be too frilly. I’m such a wimp that I bought my shade and walked around the perimeter of the store to get to the exit so she wouldn’t see that I ignored her advice. It’s so good to know that I can come here, to my blog and there will be you lovely readers who understand what I’m doing. Thank you!

Lucylamp I stuck to my Saturday plan pretty well, and finished reading Harry Potter late that night. It was a very satisfying read, and although the book has its flaws, overall I liked it. There were a couple deaths that were particularly heartbreaking, and I was feeling emotionally drained the rest of the weekend. If anyone wants to talk about it, add your thoughts to the comments, maybe we can have a book discussion there. I really need to talk about it! So if you haven’t read it yet and want to remain un-spoiled, stay away from the comments!

And now I have another request. If you have a moment, could you go here and submit my brother‘s name for unsigned Sunday? I would love to hear his music on the radio, and if he has more fans in San Diego, that means he’ll play down here more often, and I’ll get to see him more. That would make me happy! I’ll have a little thank you giveaway later this week :o)

Lucy approves of my lampshade choice too.


  1. I like it!!!! And it’s about time I’m right about something! lol
    I have a hanging lamp that’s kind of like your lamp, and seeing yours makes me sad that I’ve never gotten it hung up.

  2. I was the same way! Reading the book left me feeling so WEIRD! My mom and sister finally finished it so I got to talk to them about it last night- I’d been freaking out needing to talk to SOMEONE who had finished it!
    Favorite parts, anyone?
    I was so sure that Hagrid was dead! That was really well written. And Dobby, the Hero! Awwww!

  3. I love that lamp. You picked exactly the right shade, imo.
    I finished Harry Potter a couple of days ago. It was fantastic! When I got it, I read one chapter and couldn’t go on, not bearing to think the series was over. But when I finished, I felt so satisfied and such a sense of closure. It was terrific.
    I was so happy that Neville, Hermionie, and Ron got to get in on the Horacrux action. I liked that the heroism was shared by all. I really like how Neville developed into such a competent character.
    I thought it was fantastic that the only swear word uttered in the entire series is by Molly Weasley!
    I *lovelovedloved* how the Snape/Dumbledore/Draco/Harry stsory line developed in the climatic scene! Brilliant!
    I could go one, of course, but most importantly, that’s a a great lamp.

  4. Love the lamp complete with new shade. Enjoyed HP, JK delivered with her usual aplomp. Have to say that I was absolutely delighted with the Sanpe scenario, I felt vindicated as I had maintained all the way through that he wasn’t really a baddie. But Fred – she never should have done that.

  5. I felt vindicated in the end, as well. I alway believed that Snape was on the good side (I knew he was told by Dumbledore to kill him, etc.) I can’t tell you how many theories I have read in which they believed Snape to have been in love with Lily. And they were right! I recognize that some characters had to die (hey, she was going to kill off Mr.Weasley) so I found a lot of “poetic justice” in that Fred died while laughing. And Dobby is my hero.

  6. I totally agree about Snape, I knew he wasn’t bad and I thought it had something to do with loving Lily. I loved that Harry named his son after him.
    Dobby’s death was the one part where I really did cry, he was such a great character. I loved how loyal he was to Harry.
    I was so disappointed in Ron for leaving, and I was so glad he came back.
    Things I wished were included: more Snape! He was the most interesting character of the whole series, I wish we could have known even more about him and his past; I wish George had been included in the epilogue, I wonder how he coped with the death of Fred; and I wanted to know more about what everyone did in the 19 years that passed, like did Harry or Ron become aurors? Did Hermione become a professor or writer? What did they do? I want answers!
    I am glad that Harry, Ron and Hermione survived, that was my biggest worry as I read.

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