Knitting in the Dark

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The electricity went out last night. I have no idea why it was out, but the husband called me at about 6:00 with the news. So my big plans of vacuuming and doing laundry didn’t work out, which is not so disappointing, really. Instead I knitted by lantern light.
I’m using this pattern from Naive Knitting. Like Martha, I saw a scarf similar to this in Marie Claire Idees a while ago, and filed the idea away in my head for maybe some day… I keep buying mohair yarn because I want to make the Lady Eleanor wrap in Scarf Style, but I’ve cast on with 3 different yarns, and none of them look how I want them to. So I’ve had this pretty Colinette mohair for quite a while and I think this is just the thing. It’s obviously going to need some blocking, but it’s working out nicely in this pattern. I made mine a bit wider, so it’s more of a wrap. Thank you Martha, for sharing this pattern, it captures the style of the original quite well. I think it’s going to be a gift for someone special. I know I’m supposed to be working on my green sweater, but I needed a break from all that knitting, around and around and around, almost all just knit stitch except for a little section of 1×1 rib and little bits of the crocus stitch.  So, I got quite a lot done on this scarf, and the electricity came back on at 10:30, just as I was drifting off to sleep.

Here is a corner of my kitchen:
I’m loving the Corners of my Home group on Flickr. I’ve always liked visiting people’s homes and seeing their styles.

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