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It appears that knitting season has begun. After a summer hiatus, I find myself once again trolling Ravelry, plotting and planning, rearranging my queue, and re-visiting started projects that have lost steam. It's not that I don't knit at all during the summer, in fact, I actually managed to finish a couple things. There was the pink lace shawl, and then this past weekend, a little red sweater came off the needles, had a bath, and got some pretty, vintage pearl buttons. I haven't taken the time to take more than an Instagram photo, however. There's no time for photography, I just want to knit right now!

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It's actually just a little snug, but should fit nicely when another few pounds are gone. I'm pretty proud of myself for actually finishing a couple projects this summer. I don't feel like I spent hours and hours sitting and knitting, it was really just a matter of doing a row here and there when I had a few spare minutes. Big things can be accomplished one row at a time! 

So, does anyone have any big knitting plans? Once my red sweater was done, I immediately cast on this sweater, using some mystery wool from the first sweater I ever made. It wasn't a successful project, but it was a learning experience, so I don't feel bad about unraveling all my hard work. I think the yarn suits this sweater much better.

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It doesn't look like much more than a pile of yarn so far, but I think it's going to be a beautiful sweater. 

I also succumbed to temptation and pre-ordered Coastal Knits. I am a huge fan of cardigans, and I love every one in this collection, but I also really like the Cambrian Cowl and the Rustling Leaves hat. 

And then there are all the socks I want to knit, and I could use a nice slouchy, comfy pullover, and I don't have any lace currently on the needles, so that situation needs to be fixed. I think I better plan on a few knitting weekends for the next couple months! Okay, turning off the computer now, so I can get knitting!


  1. i finished my first shawl which will be a Christmas present!!!! i did the ishbel for my first. i was such a scaredy cat and got so very overwhelmed in the beginning but it turned out nicely. i just started on my 2nd shawl the echo flower shawl. hoping to have this one done for a Christmas present also. i’ve noticed i get sooo distracted by projects i want to start i get side tracked on the ones im already working on. this poor poor pair of socks i started ages ago are just sitting around getting a row done here or there. it’s sad. i should take the time to just finish them…that’s the problem with making 2 socks…i get sock #1 done in no time but sock #2 always drags. lol Anyways glad you’re back onto knitting.

  2. Exactly! So many new, shiny patterns and yarns distract me too easily! I am getting better about finishing things, but I still have too many unfinished objects. I am focused on my blue sweater right now, though. I really, really want to wear it, so I might just set a new record for myself 🙂 There will be time this winter for lots of knitting, I hope!
    Good job on the Ishbel, that was one of my first lace projects, and I thought it was pretty challenging!  But despite the challenge, isn't lace so fun to knit? 

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