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Posted by on March 14, 2010 in knit | 7 comments

So, the Olympics are over and my featherweight cardigan is not finished. I did, however, get a lot of other knitting done in an effort to take breaks from all that laceweight stockinette. I made this cozy cowl, which is impossible to photograph looking like anything other than a purple blob. I will keep trying, however. Here is my best attempt so far:


It's just Lion Brand Homespun yarn, but the color is a lovely dark purple, so it looks really velvety and lush. I used this pattern (Ravelry link). 

And this is my favorite knitted thing I've ever made, I think:


Andrea's Shawl, all in alpaca, so it's cozy and soft. There were four parts to this little shawl: the edging, the border, the striped body, and the top edging. All the different steps kept things interesting, but not too difficult. I did most of the knitting during one of the many rainy weekends we've had.


I plan on making the matching mitts as well. I love the stripes, they make it look so very French, don't you think? There are so many lovely versions on Ravelry, I love all the color combinations. I almost want to make it again with some bright, cheery colors. 



  1. It’s all so beautiful! I could just feel that shawl. I can’t get over how prolific you are with those needles.

  2. Andrea’s Shawl. Why, you shouldn’t have. 🙂
    That’s it. I’m learning to knit.

  3. I love that edging. That’s the problem with blog reading – it makes you feel like you need all these things that you don’t really ‘need’. Such as a shawl. I’m cold all of one week a year over here. Yet I’m still thinking ‘maybe I should try to make a shawl like that’

  4. Holy smokes, I love that shawl! You inspired me to make a Featherweight Cardigan. It seems like such a great sweater to have. I have a couple things to finish before I start it, though (I’m working on a Mara shawl and a Pimlico Shrug).

  5. absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I love that shade of purple. The edging on the shawl is beautiful. Your post makes me want to learn to knit.

  7. I just ran by your blog and I’m in love I must say! I absolutely ADORE this striped shawl!!!! I am going to make one. I have been looking for a new project!

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