it’s beginning to look a lot like springtime

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Spring is my favorite time of year. My birthday is in the Spring, my favorite flowers bloom in the Spring, things turn green, the sky is bluer, it's just the best. Tomorrow the pool opens after being closed for 3 months and my swimming stuff is already packed and ready to take along to work for a lunch hour swim.

Saturday I declared an official pajama day, and I spent the morning with the bedroom window open, and enjoyed the fresh Spring air along with a little breakfast in bed, followed by a little knitting and watching (while still in bed). I would have just stayed in my pajamas all day, but around 1:30 I decided I had better get dressed and go to the feed store, or I was going to have to deal with some grumpy, hungry chickens.

I've worked some more on my skirt, although I have to finish off the yoke facing, and I may sew another row or maybe even two of ruffles. Two might be too much, but I think I really will do one more. I'm wearing my boots, obviously, but once it's a little warmer, I think these cute shoes will work well with this skirt.



The skirt is made of a cotton bamboo fabric I got at JoAnn, of all places, and the ruffle is bias-cut silk dupioni. I like the cotton bamboo a lot, it's very nice to sew with.

I was also working on the mushroom tutorial, as promised, and Sally came for her usual visit. I took some pictures and then played around with them in Photoshop, using some Pioneer Woman Actions.


I like this 70's action. The sunshine one is fun too:


And then I went out and tried to take photos of flowers without dogs or a goose in them. I am trying to teach them to respect my personal space, but it's not sinking in. Still, I got a few flower photos without any animals in the frames.


I love all the bulb flowers, but grape hyacinth are one of my most favorites:


And the lilacs are getting their big fat buds:


I hope you don't mind all the pictures! But did I mention that I love Spring?

P.S. Mushrooms winner will be posted by tomorrow, if not later tonight, and the tutorial will be up soon too! I'll also have a few mushrooms for the shop, if you don't feel like making your own. Now I'm going to go make some soup!


  1. Your skirt is so pretty- I love the color and the ruffle. I love Palladium shoes and am so happy you linked to those boots! They are cool looking, know they will be comfortable and the price is the best- I am ordering a pair after I post this. Your photo skills are way more advanced than mine- I am stuck on the blog deal right now, but hopefully my computer/camera savy son will help me get it going here soon. I love spring too- especially when I am living back in a place that gets winter gray and dead looking trees, grass- just everything blah. Spring green is the best! We’re listing the house in 2 weeks so I am in cleaning/declutter/get rid of mode right now- no fun crafting for awhile.

  2. Your pictures are pretty, I am anxious to see some of those Spring colors here. Your goose is adorable, I have been considering getting two only I am hindered by memories of a goose my Grandparents had that thought its daily duty was to harass my Gram. Is yours nice?

  3. Oh your skirt is so lovely! Really? Joannes? Will have to go and check it out. Your pictures are great…love the 70’s effect! I try to take pictures when I walk my dog, but he doesn’t stay still long enough and all my pictures come out as a blur!

  4. Pets & personal space…that’s a good one! LOVE that skirt!!
    m ^..^

  5. Hi. I’m Lynn. I was surfing around and came across your blog. How lucky for me. Your blog is beautiful, and I see you also love spring and flowers. I don’t have chickens, but I want some.
    Enjoyed looking around. Oh, and I love thrift and antique store shopping too.

  6. The skirt is devine!

  7. the skirt is really cute.
    I’m so jealous that you could leave a window open. It snowed 3 out of 4 days last week here. 🙁

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