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Posted by on March 2, 2009 in other things | 3 comments

A couple things I forgot to mention: my (still unfinished, but definitely cuter-than-it-was) studio has been featured on the Modish Blog and on The 6 o’clock Stitch. You may be thinking, “yeah, well, I’ve seen your studio, you’ve been blathering on about it for the past month, I don’t need to go somewhere else and see it again.” Well, I’m not sending you over there to look at my studio (which I’ve taken to calling The Little Housetm [okay, maybe I didn’t actually trademark it]), but to look at all the other great studios. I love seeing other creative spaces, it gives me ideas for my own and keeps me inspired.

Also, if you weren’t here for my daily weekend posts, you’re going to want to scroll down and read them, because there’s a toy surprise inside one. Er, sort of. You’ll see.


I don’t think I ever showed you the mermaid I stole from Mr. Heylucy for The Little Housetm I just didn’t want to have a post without a picture.


  1. Thank you again for allowing me to feature your beautiful studio. Truly inspiring!

  2. Great links! Now I’m even more inspired to clean up and organize my little 10 by 10 studio.

  3. Sweet mermaid!
    Your studio is very inspiring!

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