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Progress continues on the living room, but I am having trouble deciding what to do here, so I’ve got a nifty little poll for you. I’m doing this on a budget, so I’m re-using the wall sconces that were here when we moved in. They’re a little too ornate for my taste, and I hated the original antique bronze finish (or was it brass? Either way it was super 80’s country, and not even in a classy Laura Ashley way), so I decided to paint them. And it’s definitely an improvement, I already thing they look cuter and more modern. I’ve replaced the overly ornate glass shades they used to have with cheapo simple white school-house style shades from Home Depot. I just can’t decide how far I should go with the paint. Here’s what I did first:

Just plain turquoise. Then I got out the chartreuse green paint:

I’m not sure which I like better. Or I’m wondering if I should try to tone it all down with a glaze of white or possibly an antique-y brown? Mr. HeyLucy thinks they look like they are straight out of World of Warcraft, and I can kind of see that. I don’t know if that means it’s a good thing or a bad thing in his mind. Anyway, your opinions would be most appreciated!


  1. I have to own up to choosing the last option not because I think you’re weird (you’re not), or that they are hideous (they’re not) but because personally I’d choose to paint them pretty much the same colour as the walls so they blend in more – ie you need to start over. My second choice would have been to leave them verdigris, the yellow paint is not doing it for me although I would have chosen Xena Warrior Princess rather than WoW 😉 We inherited a lot of cheap and nasty faux Edwardian light fittings in our house, some of which are still with us so I admire that unlike me you’re doing something with yours.

  2. Jacqui and I voted the same. . . periwinkle would be better so they don’t stand out so much

  3. I like the turquoise, I always like to see color. I think the chartreuse is interesting, but I”m not getting the “feeling” you’re trying to create. I guess I need to see the space they would be in. Can I have your permission to link your blog on mine?
    I love your blog, and want to share the wealth with others!
    still waiting for my “fit flops!”

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