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Posted by on October 24, 2005 in craft | 3 comments

This weekend was all about food. I made risotto with prosciutto and peas Saturday night, nicoise salad for lunch Sunday and a big pot of minestrone soup Sunday night. The best, though, was breakfast:
I made ginger scones and lavender lemon mint tisane from Teaism. I was even nice enough to make the manly man some waffles, because we all know manly men don’t eat scones and tea, but manly food like waffles. So he had a plain white manly plate loaded with waffles and syrup, and I enjoyed my scones and tea on pretty pink and red vintage china, and everyone was happy.

I was also busy with the crafty stuff this weekend:
Clip1 Clip2
I like cruising the aisle at the hardware store with all the little drawers of bolts and screws and doodads. There is some pretty cool stuff there. This is a picture frame for my desk at work, which started out as your standard brown pressed wood clipboard. I painted it pink, drilled a hole in each bottom corner, and inserted long bolts with spacers so it would stand up. I added some printed vellum for a photo mat, and a little plastic flower thingie from the hardware store. If I got ambitious, I could have plexiglass cut to fit, with matching holes drilled for the bolts, to protect the photograph. I may make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts, so I may have to look into that. It can also be hung on the wall with the hole in the clip part, so shorter bolts would be needed for that situation, obviously. I’d also like to try spray painting the metal bits black, particularly if I paint the board a darker or bolder color. I’m going to use this one to hold a black & white picture from my sister’s wedding.


  1. I love this photo frame. It is so beautiful and simple! Your blog is fantastic, and the great photos of the wonderful pieces you have made inspire me. Hopefully someday soon I’ll take my knitting to the next level and make a sweater (or at least something other than a scarf), and now you have me thinking about making other crafts as Christmas gifts. Thank you!

  2. yum. I would like the ginger scone recipe. Also like the picture frame idea. Which photo are you going to put in it?

  3. That is so weird. Just last night I was so excited to make risotto for Mr. P and myself. I also made peas! That is just tooooo coincidental. We’re definitely on the same wave length.

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