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Today I like my Votivo candle (scent: Clean Crisp White)

I like using my Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Top Spray (scent: Geranium)

While I’m spraying my counter tops and cleaning, I like to listen to my iPod with my Bose Sound dock.
I like my dog Reggie, even though he is getting old and crotchety.
I like my cat Gigi. She likes masking tape, scotch tape, packing tape and envelope glue. When I peel off a new layer on the lint roller she comes running and I give it to her to nibble on. She’s a little weird, but in a good way.

I like the salt and pepper shakers my sister-in-law sent me, just because she knew I would like them.

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  1. i want to come and wash your countertops with you! đŸ™‚

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