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Posted by on June 29, 2007 in craft | 8 comments

How is that for the most boring post title ever? After much cursing of Word and Adobe Acrobat, and finally just giving in and downloading a little free .pdf maker, I present the TUTORIAL. I’ll even try to add it to the left sidebar, so you can find it anytime. The title got all tweaked in the conversion process, but I’m done fooling with it for now. Now I’m just thinking about what sort of book to show you how to make next. I’ll try to come up with something in the next week or so.

Yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s, my favorite store in the world, and they had these great new bags for only $1.99. Just one more reason to love the Joe. Strangely, someone is selling one on eBay for a lot more than that. Why? I really hope no one is suckered into buying it. I do wish they had shown a picture of the other side as well, it has a rooster on it! Adorable!

Update: Okay, I just re-read that auction, they’re actually selling 6 bags, but it’s still more than $1.99 each. And also, I added a link to the .pdf file to the sidebar, right over there <—-.


  1. Marne’,
    Got all kinds of fun stuff from Hobby Lobby and Michaels today! Now…if I just had some free time!! I am really looking forward to trying this. Got a few ideas swimming round my head, just need to sit down and work on it. With our oldest daughter getting married in 3 weeks (YIKES!!!), spare time is at a premium.
    I was at a Trader Joe’s in the burbs of Chicago a few weeks ago and picked up one of those bags. It does, indeed, have a chicken of some sort on one side. I take it to our local Farmers Mkt every Saturday. My only regret is I didn’t get a couple more. For only $1.99, it’s a heck of a deal. They had another style as well as the one I bought. What is wrong with my head???
    I will let you know when I have completed a booklet!

  2. Marne…who taught you all of this? Did you take a class? Read a “how-to” book? Osmosis???

  3. Those bags look awesome! Will you get one for me sometime, if you remember? I’ll pay you back, I promise:-)

  4. How did you use an old book to make a booklet? Did you just make a book(let) and just lay it in the old book shell?

  5. I love this tutorial and am printing out the instructions. So crazy question – could you pick me up a few of the Trader Joe’s bags (I would of course pay for the bags and shipping)? I’m making the change to reusable grocery bags and really want to use these fun vibrant bags instead of the boring plain ones but they are all sold out at the 4 Trader Joe’s in my area!

  6. Marné–thanks for the booklet instructions. Nice job!

  7. Marné–thanks for the booklet instructions. Nice job!

  8. dear lucy, your tutorial is really great, it’s plain to see that you put a lot of thought and effort into it! I love your pamphlets, they are very beautiful. For some inspiration, do you know Carmencho Arregui’s suggestions on pamphlet variations? >>
    BTW, I used one of Trader Joe’s paper bags for a book, if you like to catch a glimpse:

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