Happy Birthday

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It’s my birthday so I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want and the calories don’t count. That’s how it works, right?

I realized that it was shortly after my birthday last year when everything started going terribly wrong in my world. A week after my birthday my grandmother died and less than 3 months after that my other grandmother died. Then my car was stolen and I got shingles, which sucks. Then San Diego caught on fire and for a couple of days we thought we were okay because it was all so far away, when suddenly there was smoke and ash over our little valley and we were evacuated for three days, and could only head east. The only thing to the east was El Centro, which, no offense to the kind residents of that town, is kind of an armpit. But the people at the Ramada Inn were very nice and let us keep our dogs and cats in our room with us, and they didn’t charge us the full rate. Which was good because at that point we thought our house was probably all gone and it was just a horrible night. I sat in the Denny’s next to the hotel at 3 in the morning trying to read a book and not break into sobbing tears at the thought of all that we would have lost. Happily, we found out the next day that our house was still standing and our town was safe, but we weren’t able to go back for two more days. I thought at that point that I should really try to become a pessimist, so I could be better prepared for all this crappy stuff, but I just couldn’t do it. I kept slipping back into my optimist ways.

In January I thought that the New Year would mean the end to major problems for a while, but my car (which was recovered after it was stolen, but damaged and in the shop for a month) died one night on the way home from work, only a couple weeks after spending a large amount of money to fix it. Other than that, though, life has improved except for this morning the toilet overflowed. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

On to knitting content, progress is being made on the Farmer’s Market Bag:
I added in the purple, which, according to the pattern should have replaced the lighter pink, but because it’s the same value as the darker pink I decided to pattern it that way. And I tried out the orange yarn that I got for the little duplicate stitch flecks, which I like, and think will look good when felted. I could only find one other person on the whole internet making the same bag, Carrie is doing hers in completely different but really beautiful colors.

And lastly, I leave you with a little picture of Spring:


  1. It was a trying year for you, but alas, you have pulled through, as you always will, no matter how far down you find yourself…
    Being a full-time pessimist is what really sucks, and thank goodness, you didn’t need ME*;) to figure that out for you because when we take that route, our hearts die.
    Sometimes, things in life happen that are crappy and living through them is hard, and we easily forget all the good things that happen to us, that exists in our lives, and that we have been blessed with (not material!), but mostly, we forget that life IS sweet…
    We are resilient, we will survive, and we will overcome.
    As it should be. As you have proven.
    Could I add the sound of birds chirping outside my window to your Springy picture?


  3. Happy Birthday a couple of days late. Just found your site and love the bag you’re making. It caught my eye in the book and thought I’d make it the same way you are…Fair Isle. Love your colors, too. Happy spring, too.

  4. The bag’s lookin’ good. You’ve made me want to pick it up again!

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