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Posted by on January 6, 2009 in stitch | 10 comments

I'm back from visiting family for the holidays, and I have so much to show and tell. I also had a long day at work, so I'm just popping in to share some pictures of the quilt that was worked on, although not finished, and I'll catch up some more very soon.

I took the four-pointed star quilt with me, and my sister, sister-in-law, and I put it up. Cary didn't like the way the corner was looking, so he decided to fix it for us.


Please notice that he is wearing a wrist pincushion. Maybe I should add this to his mySpace. I'm sure his fans would be impressed.


We didn't get a ton of quilting done, but it's well underway and I hope to finish it soon.



  1. Happy 2009!

  2. Glad to see the pictures of the quilt. Also noted that the house seems to still be in good condition and Cary’s notice to us that it had burned to the ground are false!

  3. Oh wow — love that quilt! Gorgeous! Really, I’m going nuts over here.
    I’m just obsessed with quilts that have white backgrounds. And that star
    pattern and the fabrics are beautiful. Love love love it. Where can I get
    that pattern/instructions/etc (I’m new to actually *making* quilts, obviously).
    I think I should get Cary together with my brother soon. My brother, in the past 3 months,
    has baked a pie, sewn a dress and a shirt for his girlfriend, made a quilt, sewn a valance for his bedroom window, knitted a scarf, and just mentioned wanting to make an apron. I think guys who make things are just the cutest.

  4. You should really utilize that pic of Cary and see if there isn’t some way you could use it to embarass him on Facebook to get him back for what he did to your account during vacation.:-)

  5. Oh wow. That is gorgemousssss! You talented girl you!

  6. I am so sad that I missed working on the quilt and seeing Cary with the pincushion on his wrist. I can’t decide what is prettier, the quilt or Cary.

  7. Haha- love men who will actually put on wrist pincushion!! I have to show my husband. By the way, that quilt is beautiful. I want to make one and have started cutting squares- um, yeah I don’t think I will ever advance to your level, that looks complicated.

  8. Think about making CJ3 at pick-cushion that he could wear at concerts.

  9. you all think I’d be so embarrassed by getting in touch with my feminine side, but you’re wrong! I just changed my fb status to “Cary Quilts” with a link to this page, I’m not afraid!

  10. I love the pattern on this quilt, what is the history behind it, I am going to have to bachtrack and look at all of your post to get some history it is such a pretty combination of colors, I love it!

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