goodbye ducks, hello geese

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DucksMy vacation is nearly over, and I’ve somehow managed to turn it into a computer vacation as well. I barely checked e-mail and have done very little blog reading the past few weeks. I’ve been outside a lot and had lazy days and productive days, and it’s been so nice! I’ve done a bunch of things that will eventually make it here to the blog, here are a few for starters. The duck wallpaper is finally coming down. Wow, it’s so ugly, and see how dark it makes the room? This picture was taken in the middle of the day with all the lights on and the  blinds open. I’m about halfway and it already feels so much lighter in here.

So no more ducks, but the husband decided that 18 chickens weren’t enough and decided to add some geese to the flock. They’re nearly three weeks old now, and cute as can be, but so very messy. I was not in favor of this new endeavor, but I couldn’t exactly say no, after he agreed to the chickens, could I? They’re currently living in the guest house in a kiddie pool. They love water and never have enough. See, the bowl is empty and I had just filled it a half hour earlier. I think we’d better get a bigger bowlGoslings3wks. The gander is named Edwin (he’s the big one in the back), but we haven’t named the two girls yet. Family members may be able to figure out where we got his name.

One of the nicest things about having all this time off is getting to all those little projects that you need to make time for that just get set aside. Like hanging art on the walls. This big wall in my kitchen has been bare forever, except for the big Delft plate of my grandmother’s. I love the numbered hooks, and of course my $12 wooden shoes (worth $15, if you ask me). I found the apron on the right during my thrifting/antique malling day a few weeks ago. KitchenwallIt’s so pretty, a crisp linen with rick-rack trim, what could be better for an apron? I think I still need a little something for the right side, above the little plate. I’ll just have to wait until I find the perfect piece.


Next time here at heylucy: egg cookbooks, cute cats, vintage buttons and a clothesline! And much, much more!


  1. I’m so glad you’re back, I’ve checked everyday to see what you have been doing. Can’t wait to see the livingroom without ducks. Good luck with the geese! Hope the chickens like them and visa versa!

  2. I read the funniest book a while back called “Enslaved by Ducks”…can’t remember the author, but I do know he has done a follow up book, AND he lives not far from me! If you did a google search you could find it! I got it from my local library, but it was so good I am considering purchasing it! Looks like you have had a lot on your plate!

  3. Your goslings are soo adorable, yes I know they will be messy, yes I know they will be noisy but I want some. Just showed your picture to my husband and he still isn’t budging on this one. Darn it!

  4. Cute goslings! We’re having fun with out chicks but they aren’t anywhere near as endearing.

  5. As cute as your chicken (butts) and geese are, you better keep ’em away from my pet worms. I can’t believe you would suggest such a thing!:-P

  6. Oh my God you guys keep cracking me up. I’m actually quite anxious to come back to your blog in a week to find out you’re having two new cows and six pigs. Geese are so cool but they make a hell of a mess. They are actually better guards than dogs. You have to make them really friendly otherwise they’ll attack people. I used to have two geese George and Mildred and they were dead scary LOL!!
    Love, love your wee clogs :o)

  7. Looks like you have had a very productive time off! The geese are too cute but I can imagine they are quite the handful!

  8. Now you can go to town without worries that anyone will attempt to break and enter. 😉

  9. Cute goslings! Good riddance to the ducks! What colour are the livingroom walls going to be once all that dark wallpaper is removed?
    Lovely plate from your grandmother, cute clogs and I like the speculaas mold too. Very Dutch! 🙂

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