Good Times Animal Swap

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Since the animals in our home are our kids, when I read about Anna’s swap for pets, I signed right up! Little did I know that I would get so lucky. I, er, Reggie, Bear, Dune and Gigi, I mean, got a package in the mail from Alicia. Everything was so sweetly wrapped, felt ball toys for the cats, a tin of treats for Bear, but I was just awed when I opened the package for Reggie:

Our photo shoot didn’t go quite as well as the one Alicia did with Audrey, Reggie found a bit of bone that Bear left in the yard, and was rather distracted, so these are about the best I could do today. I was trying for a portrait with daffodils in the background. Instead I ended up some nice pictures of our weeds, but don’t let them distract you from how darn cute that sweater looks on him. And it’s crocheted from cashmerino, one of my favorite yarns ever!

"Mom, let me go get that bone!"

"Oh, here it is!" (Look at the cute buttons she sewed on the collar!)

"Yummy! I have a bone to chew on!"

I can’t say thank you enough, Alicia! I’ll probably make him wear it every night, while it’s still cool out. Oh, and although I’ve never known Reggie to eat a slug, he does like to check the cat box for disgusting things. Why do they do that? Okay. I’m grossing myself out now, time to change the subject.

I’m behind on sending my animal pal package, as my spam filter seems to have blocked the e-mail informing me of my swap partner and I, silly that I am sometimes, didn’t bother to ask when I would be informed. Luckily, if I need to buy v!agra, hood!a or a fake rolex, I’ve got plenty of e-mails telling me how I can order such things. Nice work, spam filter. Well, my point is, that later this week, once they’ve arrived at thier destination, I’ll have pictures of the goodies I’m sending.

I also took some pictures of my recently finished embossed leaves socks:

Indoors, on a cloudy day.

Outdoors on the porch, where I think they look quite at home. Although my feet look like paddles. The yarn is Fleece Artist Rose Garden colorway. I think it was just perfect for this pattern, the colors are subtle enough that the pattern doesn’t get lost. I love the way they came out and they’re so comfy. They are to be a gift, but it will be a little bit hard to let them go. I enjoyed knitting them, so it won’t be hard to make another pair for myself. They’re only my second pair of socks, and I have a question for all the expert sock knitters out there. What method do you use to cast on for top-down socks? My cast on is a little tight, so they are a little hard to put on. I tend to knit fairly loosely, but I guess I cast on quite tightly. It just seems like if it’s too loose they’ll be too slouchy. Any advice would be appreciated!


  1. The socks are just beautiful. What a great job. Definitely make another pair for yourself immediately.

  2. I’ve just cast on my first socks, and I used the Twisted German cast on. It was recommended to me by successful sock knitting friends. Just google it and you will find instructions. Your socks look terrific!

  3. Reggie is so cute! Is he a corgi? I love your socks too.

  4. He IS handsome! He doesn’t seem to have that same “humbled” expression that Audrey got, either.
    The socks are fabulous! I wish I could knit.

  5. Reggie is one lucky dog! What a beautiful sweater… Alicia amazes me!
    Thanks so much for the link to the fairy festival, summerpast farms looks like such an enchanting garden! I remember the sweetpea event you had showed me, I really wish I lived a bit closer. They are just my cup of tea! 😀

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