Gone Fishing

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Now I’m on vacation! I did a few things before I left:

Guest1 Guest2 Guest3

The guest book is finished, which is a good thing, because I’m on vacation in Boise for my sister’s wedding. Instead of having lines on each page, I made little cards that people can take and write a message or draw a picture or whatever they would like, and then they get tucked into slits that I cut on each page.

My snail mail swap has been sent to Canada:


The post man seemed to be offended by the doodle I made of a snail on the package, and covered it up with the customs form. It was a cute little drawing, too!

I recieved a very fun box of goodies from the snail mail swap from Lu:


So much fun stuff! A lovely handmade book of summer recipes, a little tote-I love the lining fabric! And some crochet flowers, a kit to make a necklace, and some pretty beads! Thank you so much Lu! A proper thank you will be send eventually.

And a package is also on it’s way to Yvonne:


So that’s all for now. Soon I will have a ton of pictures of my beautiful nieces and nephew.


  1. Glad you liked everything. The guest book is lovely and I liked your idea of including the individual cards. Wonderful idea.

  2. Oh I’m getting so excited now :o) I love seeing swap pictures, it’s so much fun!

  3. hi there,
    i received my absolutely lovely snail mail package today. thank you so much. what beautiful things you sent me. i’m wearing the scarf right now. i even love the box you used to send everything in! i’m giddy with joy! can’t wait for the next two swaps.
    ps. i can’t believe the postal person covered your drawing, sounds like something the canada post would do. how annoying.

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