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Someone has a birthday tomorrow, and this little package is on it’s way to Boise. I am trying to be more conscientious and thoughtful about these things. Sometimes I think I’ve gotten a little too involved in online swaps and mail exchanges and not spent the same amount of time and care on family and real life friends. That makes me a little sad. So I’ve invested in some packing tape and sharpie pens for addressing cardboard boxes, and updating my address book and birthday list and will be sending pretty little packages to those I love this year. It’s been so rewarding already, to know I’ve sent a little unexpected surprise someone’s way and brightened a day here and there.


  1. Ohh. I wonder who’s that for. Can’t wait to find out.

  2. it’s a really really beautiful package. just that in itself is a treat!

  3. I wouldn’t even open that, it looks so pretty! I’d just set it out like that. Very, very lovely.

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