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Pincushion, take two. Progress, but still not quite right. I'll keep trying.


Two things I don't want to forget to tell you about:

  1. I've been enjoying Kingdom on hulu. I'm trying to stretch out the
    six episodes to last as long as possible. I've already added the
    second season to my netflix queue. I love these British dramas set
    in small towns (Monarch of the Glen, Ballykissangel), where the
    scenery is as important as any of the characters. Just lovely.
  2. Mary Jane's Farm magazine is now bi-monthly. The last three issues
    are dog-eared and well-read on my nightstand. Every issue has lots
    of helpful information, recipes and patterns. If you're a wannabe
    farm girl, don't miss it!

Well, I played chicken with Mother Nature, and she won, of course. The last frost date in our little town is Memorial Day weekend. I had no patience, and went ahead and planted lots of things a couple weeks early, as you know. Memorial Day weekend approached, and the weather stayed lovely and warm. And then Sunday night, Memorial Day eve, it was as frosty as can be. I thought maybe most of my tomatoes and peppers would make it, but then, for the second night in a row we had frost. That was the end of them. Next year I'm going to try planting at the same time, but covering the tomatoes until the end of May. Last Saturday I went to a beekeeping class at City Farmer Nursery, and afterward picked out some new tomatoes and peppers. They're larger than the original plants, so I'm not really behind.


Lots of seeds are also coming up, and I have to say, there's something so fulfilling about growing from seeds. Beans and cucumbers are all sprouting, and three out of four squares of peas are coming up too. Basil and cilantro are very slowly growing, but only one radish out of sixteen sprouted, so I'm trying again and I replanted more seeds yesterday. The potatoes are doing well, and I added another layer of soil to their cans. They've already sprouted through, and I'm going to have to add more again soon.


I also built a trellis, I just followed instructions in the Square Foot Gardening book, it was pretty easy. I used electrical conduit pipes and some tomato netting. We'll see how sturdy it is, one of the bean plants is just about ready to start climbing.


All my beans sprouted, so I had to pull a couple out:

Bean2 Bean1

The lavender is starting to bloom, and I found some feverfew that had reseeded itself from a plant I planted several years ago. I think they are so sweet. Roses are blooming too.




I visited with the little chickens in their rusty pen for a bit today too:


They have that nice little house to sleep in, and what do they do? The curl up on top of each other in the farthest corner in the pen, out in the open. Silly little pea-brains.


Coming soon: cooking news and beekeeping news!


  1. Lovely!!

  2. well Ms lucy I have to tell you a bit of my experience, just so yah know.
    first thing is dont plant maters plants till it’s good and hot at the night like 50 sum odd same wit beans and corn by seed, and second
    iffen ya think planten early and covering dem will work, yousa be mistaken.

  3. Sorry about the frost. I visit with my chickens everyday also. It’s so relaxing to watch them. I usually take some weeds to them ’cause they always beg when I walk by their yard.

  4. A new series of Kingdom started yesterday here in England, I love it not least because I recognise all the scenery, the houses and the pub. The beach Stephen Fry walks on is Holkam, the arial shot of the harbour is Wells-next-to-sea and the town is Swaffham. Stephen Fry is a Norfolk boy and actually lives in the area.

  5. Just love that pic of the feverfew. I love how it reseeds around the garden. I’ve a double variety that will be blooming soon, but I like the singe variety better. Cute shoes! Cute blog! Love it so much it hurts.

  6. ohh…ps…I’d just subscribed to MJF magazine and I’m loving it! Vintae campers and a chicken on the cover? BLISS.

  7. Such a great post full of good stuff! I love your sneakers- are they Vans? Your chickens are so sweet and I am growing Feverfew too. Drag about the frost, you just really never know… I read Mary Jane’s mag too- I have a couple of her books as well. Oooh- and I am so looking forward to watching Kingdom! Glad you got your bloggin mojo back!

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