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I'm tired of that apple pie post, so it's time for something new. Unfortunately it's almost 10 p.m. and I'm tired, so I'm going to write a short post about fungi. I like mushrooms, but I don't know much about them. Interestingly, we have quite a unique specimen growing on one of our oak trees. We know it is interesting because one day we found a note on our front gate from a gentleman who was making a documentary about mushrooms and he asked if he could return to film our Chicken of the Woods mushroom for his movie. We called him to let him know we were happy for our fungi to have it's 15 minutes of fame, but sadly, his funding fell through and the compelling drama of the world of fungi has yet to be made.


Our tree has since died, but we left the massive trunk standing, and the Chicken of the Woods are still growing.

Last week, Jamie Oliver made Wild Mushroom and Venison Stroganoff and he used a chicken of the woods mushroom. I'm not sure if my culinary skills are up to something so exotic. I've never cooked venison and don't know any hunters, but it did look pretty good.


I also got some macro filters for my camera last week and took some extreme closeups.


For those of you not fond of fungi, I'll leave you with a little Winston shmoopie love.


How can you not love that little furry face?


  1. Winston is such a cutie!

  2. The macro lens looks fantastic, I should really get one. And Winston is SO cute! He would play well with my little Eddie.

  3. Wow–the macro lens attachments/filters look like they work great! And nice shot of Winston–you captured his eyes so well.

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