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I haven’t had a lot of time lately to take pictures, so I decided to make the most of my lazy Saturday and take a few. I also ate some very delicious food, so I combined the two activities and took artful pictures of what I ate. My kitchen table sits in a corner where there are two large windows, so the light is quite nice there. I know I’m probably a little weird, but hopefully you will appreciate at least one of these elements of my day-pretty pictures and/or pretty food.

I started the day with my usual yogurt and berries, but I had a treat of fresh raspberries instead of frozen blueberries. Mr. HeyLucy can be very thoughtful and generous, and likes to bring me ‘treats’ when he goes to the grocery store. I’ve been trying for months to get him to understand that four pints of ice cream and a giant box of chocolate chip cookies are not treats that I want every week. It finally, finally clicked, and this week he brought me a big box of fresh raspberries, and a package of fish (tandoori tuna, or something exotic like that). Go Mr. HeyLucy! Good job :o)

I tried Agave Nectar for the first time, instead of my usual honey. It was quite tasty.

Later I had a snack of figs and goat cheese, drizzled with honey. A couple summers ago I discovered that fresh figs are one of my favorite fruits, while spending a lazy afternoon at a friend’s house by her pool. Her neighbor had a fig tree, and had given her a huge box. I couldn’t stop eating them. I think fig season is fairly short, and I don’t know if you can get figs everywhere, but if you see them, try them! I love how they are sort of ugly on the outside, but slice them open and they’re all pink and lovely on the inside.

I love fig season! It also coincides with peony season, which is another of my favorites. I’ve had a bunch on my desk at work every week for the past month. I bought another bunch for home on Friday. They’re just starting to open, so I’ll be taking pictures of them over the next few days as they get bigger.

One last meal:

Chicken potstickers and ponzu sauce for dipping, and a bowl of edamame. The frozen potstickers from Trader Joe’s are a staple in our freezer, and I like ponzu sauce so much more than just plain soy sauce.

The bottle is quite pretty too. But that doesn’t mean I never use soy sauce. In fact, I just bought a little sauce pot to fill with soy sauce and keep by the stove. It’s much prettier than the plain Kikkoman bottle with the red lid I was using, and a bargain at only $5 at the Japanese market.   

Are you hungry yet?


  1. Umm…yes, I am hungry now, thanks. Can I come live with you? You have such pretty dishes, where do you find them? I love the pink bowl with the black flowers on it.
    And I just had agave nectar the other day for the first time, too. I was amazed at how sweet it was! It’s great for making healthy popsicles for the kids…and the adults. 🙂

  2. I love the photos of the figs and peonies, sounds like a cute boutique name. Also, I think your edemame bowl is fab.

  3. Oooo I love that shirt!! You should totally etsy and sell those shirts!!! I totally want one!!
    Happy Holidays!

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