farmer’s market bag update

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Because I’m sure everyone is wondering:
I have made progress on the bag. I’m up to the handles now, and I had a little trouble at first, because I went from reading the chart in the round to reading it back and forth. My brain had a little trouble with that concept, so I had to re-chart the odd rows in reverse and now I just switch between the two charts.

I have no knitting time for a couple more days. I edit our little town monthly newsletter, and my deadline is long past, so I must finish tonight and get it to the printers tomorrow morning on my way to work. Then I have to clean my house on Friday night so I can play on Saturday. I’m meeting friends to celebrate Sweet Pea Day, and then it’s back home with them for treats and a garden tour of our own, and perhaps a sit on the porch.

You may or may not know about our dumb dog, Bear. Further confirmation of his lack of brain power has recently been noted. We have a massive oak tree in the middle or our driveway, and it seems that a rather large family of birds (woodpeckers, we think) is nesting there. The evidence of this is a whole lot of bird poop on the ground on the front side of the tree. This has Bear completely baffled, and he is now spending vast amounts of time laying on the daffodils under the tree inspecting the white stuff that falls from the heavens. He can’t figure it out and he is strangely fascinated by it.


  1. FABULOUS! You’re beating me! hehe. What kind of wool did you use?

  2. Your bag looks beautiful!

  3. Sweet Pea Day!!!! How wonderful!

  4. Carrie-It’s Brown Sheep Worsted, I’m using a double strand.
    Thanks Clara, I’m excited to see how it felts!
    Sweet Pea Day is wonderful Cindy, we went last year, although sadly, the sweet peas were only about knee-high. I checked it out last week though, and the sweet pea maze is taller than me and I’m six feet tall! It smell’s heavenly too!

  5. That Bear! Nutty dog. Well, at least he’s not digging up daffodils, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me otherwise…*:)

  6. Hey that rocks! I’m in Pennsylvania, and I’ll have to keep an eye on your brother’s site. I’d be happy to send you a cd once it’s finished (hopefully soon).

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