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Posted by on June 30, 2009 in stitch | 13 comments

I'm getting ready to go visit family on Thursday, so this will be quick. I decided that my laptop needed a sleeve for my travels, so I can stick it in my new little rolling carry-on, rather than lugging it around in the abnormally heavy laptop case that I usually use. I was inspired by one of my favorite Japanese Patchwork books to do a little collage-y kind of thing on linen.


I added a layer of batting and quilted it, now I just have to fold it in half and sew it up. Of course I'll share when it's all done. I picked some flowers this morning, and the lavender was positively buzzing with bees!

I also finished up the little kimono for the baby that arrived today! That story is for my sister to share, and I hope to see pictures soon.



  1. Hey lucy, love your blog, the images and content very appealing and full of charm

  2. What a darling kimono and little booties. Laptop sleeve looks great. Next you will need a matching tote to put it in! xo, suzy

  3. Love your latest creations! Pretty choice of fabrics and those booties are very sweet. 🙂

  4. The kimono and booties are so adorable! ~Kelly

  5. I have never seen stichwork like you’ve done on your laptop cover. I really like it! You have such lovely taste.
    I had a lady come by from Craig’s list to pick up some plants and she talked about how having bees this year
    really improved her garden. Have you noticed a difference yet?

  6. Lavender is like the hottest restaurant in town. Once every bee figures it out, that is!
    Pretty kimono! I want one that’s my size.

  7. Ooo I love that kimono! And the laptop case is darling, too.
    Have fun with your new niece! Fun!!!

  8. Little B can’t wait to try on the new additions to her wardrobe:-) We’re excited to see you tomorrow!

  9. Oh! I love the kimono and little booties! Very sweet!

  10. All absolutely adorable!!! Congrats on the new baby! Have to throw in a little ‘YEA’ for the bees too… Have a great weekend!

  11. I absolutely love the kimono and the booties.

  12. Your blog is so bright and cheerful, it makes me happy!

  13. Adorable little shoes and kimono and I’m sure your laptop is going to be the best dressed ever!

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