don’t be crewel

Posted by on August 9, 2006 in stitch | 4 comments

Sorry for the terrible pun. I couldn’t help it.

The post office wasn’t hatin’ yesterday:
And I sat right down last night with my remote control and got started. This is just like coloring in a coloring book, only with yarn instead of crayons. These colors are so fun. The linen is really lovely, and the color is just perfect. I’m not quite sure how to photograph orange, it’s a little off in my picture, in reality it’s a little deeper, not so sherbet-y looking. And there is even a piece of lime green linen for the back of the pillow. Now I’m really going to have to recover the cushions on my living room settle, I have the perfect deep periwinkle Susan Sargent print just waiting to be used for this project, and my orange pillow will look great on there.
Of course, then I have to tear down the hideous wallpaper and repaint the living room, make slipcovers for the two wingchairs and figure out what to do with the piano, which doesn’t really fit in our little room, find a new cabinet or stand for the television so I can get rid of the slightly unstable Ikea armoire and get the wood burning stove fixed or replaced, because at this point, a cozy fire will be just perfect in our cute little living room. I’ll also need some art for the walls, I’m thinking about maybe a small wall quilt, or maybe a wall full of small quilts. Oh, and curtains, I have to figure out some window treatments, I have no idea what to do there…

All because of an orange pillow.


  1. I love the pillow!! Please explain the difference between crewel and embroidery – I’m so clueless.

  2. I can’t believe that kit took so long to get there. Don’t you love the post office? It seems like I sent it weeks ago.
    Anyway – it seems like you are making great progress and it is looking really great. The orange looks right on on my screen.
    I think it is slightly hilarious how one little thing makes everything else snowball. Change is in the air? But change is good.
    Have fun and let me know when it is all done!
    p.s. For Rebecca – crewel is the same as embroidery but it is done with wool yarn on usually linen or cotton/linen fabric. Crewel is actually easier to make it look better because the wool fills in quicker and thicker than thin, mercerized cotton floss. It is lots of fun to do too.

  3. Hey Lucy – once again you’ve inspired my next lunch – lettuce bundles! Thanks! ps you should buy Kristin’s book ‘Colorful Stitchery’ – I’ve made so many projects from that wonderful book!

  4. I just found your blog yesterday and I LOVE all the pictures you’ve posted, you’ve inspired me to make some really neat crafts 🙂

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