dogs in hats

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I promise this isn’t going to become a pugs-in-clothes blog, but now and then I am going to be compelled to make things for Pulley to wear. I particularly have a thing for dogs in hats

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, as evidenced by several pins on my ‘best friends’ board (which I recommend that you peruse when you are stressed or sad, it is my cure when I’m having a bad day), also there is this board, which is not mine, but will also cheer you right up.

Back to Pulley. There is a certain sci-fi show which had a tragically short run, but if you are a knitter and watched the show, you will remember a very distinctive hat. Apparently, there are now licensing issues, so I won’t mention the name of the show or the character that wore this most excellent article of clothing. I will just let this photo of Pulley speak for itself.

pulley in a shiny hat


He wears it with such dignity. The pattern formula was courtesy of Stacy from Boondock Studios.


  1. adorable!!

  2. LOVE IT. Pulley is handsome and eminently cuddly. Did you stuff the top in this shot to make it stop collapsing on itself? I’m gonna take more pics of Primo in his and think I will stuff it.

  3. I love seeing how your ideas come to being. Always nice to see pictures of the puppies. I see the puppy in the window on the long shot of the porch. SO cute!

  4. Precious porch!! It made me so happy. I love anything cottagy and comfortable. I want to know the temperature where you live. It tlooks great, but here in Texas that would have to be my summer spring porch ensemble. The summer is sweltering.

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