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Yesterday I spent the day at the home of my friends Naz and Adam. Cary was there too, taking a much needed break from working hard on the road. Naz took Cary and I to her favorite massage place and we had a little pampering. I went for a little swim, and we cooked a delicious dinner. I hope you have a friend like Naz in your life. Everyone needs one.



Tonight I'm making sorrel soup, for the second time. It's going to be especially nice because I harvested a few Yukon Gold potatoes from my garden.


I think one of my little hens might have laid her first egg. There was a small, pretty grey-green egg in the coop today.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! Don’t you LOVE getting potatoes out of the garden?? And that little sweet egg.
    Any honey yet?

  2. Yes! These are the first potatoes I’ve ever grown, and they were really delicious. I probably won’t have honey this year, my hive is still pretty small and needs everything it’s got to grow and make it through the winter.
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  3. best day ever

  4. Your hen’s first egg!! Precious!
    Yes, everyone does need a friend like your Naz, including myself! hmmmm…where can I get one?! 🙂

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