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When I went on my little shopping trip last week I didn't find a whole lot of stuff that I really loved. Mostly because it seems that all the colors for this Fall are black, grey, or dark plum. I have no problem with those colors, but seriously, how many days a week can you wear dark plum? I have plenty of black and grey in my wardrobe already, and I know it's technically Fall/almost Winter, and my brown sandals have been put away until next Summer, but still, I want to have some color in my life. I started out with flowers for my desk last week. They're still looking pretty good, for cheap grocery store flowers:

They definitely helped satisfy my need for color, but I still wanted more. A trip to Old Navy helped, when I found a pair green pants ($15!) and a stripey blue t-shirt (2 for $15!). I decided to take it just a bit further, and added some big, flowery appliqués
I know, it may be a little much, but I don't care, when everyone else is looking dreary in their black and grey and dark plum, I'm going to be feeling bright and cheery. I added another flower to the hem:


I think I've got a thing for carnations lately.

Here's the how-to, just in case you need a little color too:
I just cut out the flowers from some cotton fabric in my stash (Kaffe Fassett Flower Lattice, which I cannot find anywhere online) and cut out some Wonder Under roughly the same shape. I carefully ironed them in place, and then just did a plain running stitch around the edges. They'll fray a bit around the edges when I wash it, but I think that will look cute.

I have lots more colorful ideas and things to share this week, so check back soon!


  1. Love the shirt!!! what a great idea!

  2. yay for color!

  3. I was just thinking how can I find a dinosaur shirt for Mimi that looks more like a little girl than boy and now I know, I’ll make one! Thanks for tip! I love the flowers by the way!

  4. Super cute! I may just steal this idea.

  5. Nice shirt! I love the contrast of the florals with the stripes. I’ve been wanting to try something like that for a while. I also have an old pair of jeans waiting to be turned into a skirt. It’ll be fun when I get to it. Happy turkey day!

  6. Leave it to you to come up with something this fun! I love it! I guess I’ll be digging through my fabric now to see what I can come up with. Such a cute shirt. I know what you mean with the plum, black,and grey- enough already (oops didn’t the season just start). I am a summer color person- although, I am finding myself looking for black shirts lately to hide my preseason craving attacks I have been giving in to. Oh well! Guess I may as well get going- I have to run to Old Navy now- such good deals you found. Also, the flowers out in CA are so much prettier than ones I can find back East. Ours look sad in comparison. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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