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I had no intention of disappearing for three weeks, but I guess that's just what I did. I've been both busy and lazy. Well, not so much lazy, just worn out from the busy. And there was a bit of a cold somewhere in that time too. Last week I decided to enter a contest at to win a MacBook Pro. I knew the competition was going to be tough, but I forced myself to try anyway. Veer is a stock photo/illustration/design site, so most users are professional graphic designers. So the contest was to step away from the computer and recreate their logo with real materials. Multiple entries were allowed, so I did three: a mini quilt, a papercut, and a candy mosaic. 


 Veer Papercut 

 Veer Candy 

The winner was pretty darn cool, and the ten runners-up were also really great. I'm still happy I went without sleep and ate too much orange candy in my attempts. I do love my papercut one, although that was my first attempt at papercutting, and it was not easy. I want to try it out with different kinds of paper, because everything looked terrible when I tried to use a blade. I ended up using paper scissors in the end. I think I'll remove the letters from the quilt and turn it into a little doll quilt, I love the bright, juicy oranges. 

I've been doing a little cooking as well, and had myself a little tea party one afternoon, while watching Howard's End. You don't really notice the food in that movie unless you watch it hungry. I speak from experience. So I was prepared this time. One of my favorite scones ever are the ginger scones I would get at Teaism, when I lived in Alexandria, Virginia. So I used a cream scone recipe and added finely chopped crystallized ginger and they may not have looked like much, but they were just perfect. I recommend that you try this sometime. 


My former boss is an avid fisherman, and brought back a whole lot of yellow fin tuna from a recent trip. So I decided to use some to make fish & chips, but with a little Asian twist. I cut the chunk of tuna into fat sticks, dipped them in beaten egg, and then coated them with panko crumbs. Then I fried them in a little oil (maybe a half inch deep), turning so that all the sides got nice and brown. I made two dipping sauces instead of tarter sauce. The first was my usual wasabi cream sauce and the other with a spicy mayonnaise, which was simply mayo with some srirachi chili sauce (also known as Rooster sauce), and a little squeeze of lemon. Yum! It was delicious and really easy. 


Now I'm hungry, and we are out of bacon, so I think I'm going to get myself dressed and head over to the local diner for breakfast. 




  1. I love your candy mosaic.

  2. I like the idea of sitting down to watch a movie with a lovely tea tray and scones. I’m glad that you’re not going to let that lovely little mini quilt go to waste. Your entries were great, but I suppose I would have to give extra credit to anyone with a tidy enough garage that they have space enough to make that winning entry. I really ought to at least clear some pathways through the clutter in mine now that the weather is cooler…

  3. Oh my…what wonderful goodies to look at and drool over! Each of your entries are absolutely breathtaking…you have a beautiful mind. I love the colors of that little quilt–a baby doll quilt sounds perfect.
    I’m attempting sewing a 2 twin quilts right now for my 4 and 2 year old…actually, I’m piecing them together and having my aunt quilt them with her long-arm machine. I hope to have them done by Christmas since my little one will be born around New Years…much to do! I’ve thought of you and your quilts in the process. How long have you been quilting?

  4. So glad you are back! Missed you.

  5. I think your submissions are great. Cheerful and pretty.
    Never saw Howard’s End but have read the book. I’d like to see it and having “theme food” sounds like lots of fun!

  6. Oh, you have to see it, it's so beautiful! And make sure to have tea and scones, it will be even more enjoyable 🙂

  7. very late comment but still awsome submissions!

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