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There was a little bit of buzz last month about eraser carving. I’m a little slow here, but thought I’d share some carvings done in the past:

Carvings Thistle

That thingie at the top of the first picture is an Indian wood block. I’d like to carve that in lino or eraser for easy stamping. With this month’s tie one on theme, I’m thinking I should do some more carvings and make myself another apron with a hand stamped pattern…hmm…the possibilities.

In other news, I made a blog for my mom. I don’t think she knows what kind of blog it’s going to be yet. Quilting? Politics? Books? We shall see!

And if you want to pictures of people in my family, a couple of them had some big photo shoots recently (you may need a myspace account to view the first link).

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  1. I want to make stamps someday. Do you just use a regular eraser and cut out whatever shape you want?

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