blue monday

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Another birthday gift:

A friend gave me tail light covers for my Beetle! Aren’t they cute? This is also a self portrait, see me squinting while I take the picture?

Speaking of birthday gifts, my internet friend Yvonne treated me to two books from my wishlist, which was a wonderful surprise! She is the best ever! I’ll take some pictures of the Vintage Fabric book so you can get a look inside, Yvonne!

I spent Saturday at Summer’s Past Farms for Sweet Pea Day. It’s been so chilly the last few weeks that the sweet peas were not very big and there were not many blossoms. So I didn’t get to cut a bouquet, but I did come home with these little pretties:

How could I not?

I also did a bit of crafting, inspired by one of my Japanese craft books:

I can’t find my zipper foot, so I had to stitch the zipper in by hand. It seems to have worked out okay. This was an easy little pouch, and I think there are lots of different ways to make it, with applique’s or beading or quilting, so you could have lots of different looks. I will definitely make more.

I like blue!


  1. I love the pouch! And those covers would be great on our beetle…if my hubby wasnt the main driver LOL!

  2. your little Japanese craft thing is so cute! I was walking around Singapore yesterday and I saw a street with your name! It was shocking. I’ll have to send you the pic. Glad to hear that you’re up and running again.

  3. The pouch is great–I love the fabrics you chose. You are so patient to stitch that zipper by hand!

  4. I so much love the fabric you have used for the pouch, it´s one of the most beautiful I ever seen.
    And your light covers are very cute, it looks like a flower. I think, here in Germany they would never be allowed (we have a lot of reglementations here for everything), but I really like it.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and yes, I could dive into all this great vintage things, I wish we would have a shop here that sells all those beautiful fabrics.
    Have a great Easter Weekend,
    greeetings from Germany,
    Your second book is one I often had gogled on, so it would be nice if you share some pictures from inside.

  5. I just had a look at your flickr-pictures, they are so beautiful. I especially love your vase which looks like a tulip and so cute, that your cat is using her basket. I like the colours of your felted bag, the best I ever saw with this one, lovely idea with the dots. But most of all I like your fabrics, where did you get all this wonderful ones? The one on your bed is the best one, I really envy you for that.

  6. I just love your pouch. The fabric you chose is beautiful – my favorite colors! I also adore those little blue bird salt and pepper shakers! What a great find! My girlfriend and I are planning to take a class on making a Japanese bag similar to yours except that it’s a cone shaped bag.

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