Blast from the Past

Posted by on March 18, 2005 in other things, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Since I don’t have any new and interesting creations to share, here is a picture of the only big quilt I’ve made so far:


I used all those little bits of random fabrics and sample swatches that are not quite big enough for other things. The husband actually cut out most of those squares, and that’s a lot of squares! Most impressive, however, is that I hand quilted the entire thing. It took weeks and weeks of evening and weekend quilting. I should try to take a picture of the stitching. I can’t believe I actually did that. It’s since been moved over to be centered above the bed. How annoying is that off-centeredness?

I also recently finished a hat for my sweet niece, Emma, who requested a red hat:


Red is very difficult to photograph. It looks sort of hot pink, but it really is a true red. I did this almost entirely during my Tuesday lunchtime knitting classes recently. Now to get it in the mail…

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  1. Lucy, I totally need a diet buddy! I’m on day 2 of South Beach today, and I’m having to work very hard to swallow some of this stuff–it’s just NOT what I want to eat! I love my toaster streudels for breakfast, my cereal and milk, my fruit smoothies, all that! It’s good to hear that the cravings diminish, but I seriously don’t know how I’m going to make it through two weeks of this!

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