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image from is my second favorite season, and this one is shaping up to be pretty darn glorious! I spent a few days in Salt Lake City last month and went for a couple drives up the canyons and into the mountains. Oh, it was so pretty! We have only the most anemic autumn colors here in Southern California, even in my little mountain town, which is mostly full of pine trees and live oaks (neither of which change color), so it was lovely to see some real color.

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I made a little video of one of our drives:

I have stuff to share: knitting projects off the needles, books read, recipes made, links found, and a Very Exciting Trip coming up. I will try to get to all of that very soon, but I thought I better put some of my pretty fall pictures up before we are in the dead of winter. I'm working on a list of autumn favorites. Obviously, I need to get that up here before it's too late! 

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  1. The scenery is just GORGEOUS!!!

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