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In need of a little relaxation the other day, I went to Mitsuwa to check out the new bookstore and the mayonnaise aisle. I spent way too much on craft books:
The first one is all sorts of patchwork projects, and I was inspired to try my hand at a little log cabin block. I think I will make it into a small bag. The middle book is crocheted animals. I wish I could crochet. I’ve tried a few times to teach myself, but it just feels awkward. A friend and expert crocheter is going to give me personalized lessons, so there is still some hope. Mostly I just want to be able to make those little birds (if you look closely, you can see one on the book cover). The third book is lots of tiny embroidered projects, many of them on my favorite-natural linen! Lots of inspiration for me :o)

I also picked up a treat for my little sister:
I know it’s not Argentinian mayonnaise, but it’s Food for ages 0-100! It’s QP Mayonnaise! And it’s squeezable! I hope she likes it.

Once again, I used up my weekly exclamation point allotment in one entry.


  1. I have that patchwork book to and it’s really good. I still haven’t tried anything in the book because I’ve been so busy with other projects. And now I’m going to get that knit book you recommended and I’ll be sure knitting like crazy! WWAhhhh so much to do!!!

  2. Your log cabin block is lovely and you WILL be able to crochet, I just sat and stared at my book for an hour, until it finally sank in.

  3. I think you secretly like mayo.

  4. Mitsuwa doesn’t have a very exciting website.

  5. That’s Japanese mayo! LOL I haven’t seen that in ages!!! Mitsuwa means something… i’m thinking, LOL…
    We used to squeeze that mayo onto our stir-fried vegies and rice (that’s how they eat it). YUMMMMMY!
    OAN (On Another Note:) I can’t crochet either, but I knit a really sweet blanket for my last baby, Bryan… and it only took me THREE YEARS!!! My current project is a brown (very boring) poncho to go with all my new “browns” …the new “black” yaknow… 😉
    I am also working on “knitting” rag rugs… I just figured out how to post my pics so I will do that soon!

  6. I think it’s funny that you still call me your little sister despite the fact that I am taller than you.;-)

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