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I mentioned this in November, but now I'm serious. I've launched a blog for iPhone people that I think you'll like, if you are an iPhone user. If not, it may convince you that you should become an iPhone user. I aim to post lots of useful and sassy information. Anyway, it's fun and I would love it if you would visit. Oh, it's right here. I moved it from the original Typepad site, I like it much better this way. And there's even a matching twitter feed!



  1. Boo hoo! No iphone yet. Lots of my friends have converted. I have to wait until the contract on the phone I have runs out.

  2. Failed to connect the three times I tried. Button didn’t work either.

  3. Well, boo. I don't know what's wrong, I just contacted my webhost and told them to fix the problem ASAP. It was working just fine today. Did you break it? :o) 

  4. Dear Lucy, you have convinced me. I am now the impressed and pleased owner of an iPhone. I’ve had it for approximately 10 hours. How did I ever live without it? 😉

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