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Taken with GorillaCam, edited with PS Express, Tiltshift Generator, and Lo-Mob

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Taken with GorillaCam, edited with PS Express, Tiltshift Generator, and Lo-Mob

image from Taken with GorillaCam, edited with PS Express, Tiltshift Generator, and Lo-Mob

Oh, all right Spring, I guess you are welcome to come now, you and your pretty, pink, blossoms. 

I'm not sure which version I like best, I think the first one is my favorite. What do you think? 

Tonight is knitting group, so I'll show you some knitting in the next post. I've joined the Knit Knit Café Westknits KAL, which is fun, since I haven't really done a knit-along before. 

Here are some links I've been collecting recently:

I'd like this camera case for my iPhone.

Brooklyn Tweed is going to take us on a tour of the mill where Shelter yarn is made. The series starts here. I think this will be fascinating. 

Doesn't orange-vanilla marmalade sound delicious? 

I would love one of Ann Wood's ships, but maybe I can make do with my own teacup instead. She very generously shares the how-to

I'm currently cooking a lot of quinoa. These recipes look delicious, and this one is for sure. I know, because I've made it about three times in the last two weeks. 

I like brownies, but they are so rich, I don't have them often. These seem like a really good idea. White chocolate?! Raspberries?! Yes, a very good idea.


  1. I like the first one best!!
    THANK YOU for the links to the quinoa recipes. I’m obsessed with the ‘noa and am always looking for new ways to cook it. Yum!!

  2. Tough choice, but I think I’d have to choose the first one by a whisker over the third because I like the film/frame effect. But I think the colours in the third one might be a bit nicer.
    If you felt like doing a little post on how you use all these photo apps (which I seem to be collecting at an alarming rate) I, for one, would be most grateful! It’s all a bit boggling.

  3. I'm telling you, that recipe from Tea and Cookies is so good and so easy. Have you been rinsing and/or toasting your quinoa before cooking it? I have rinsed it and then tried to toast it, but it's all wet, so it doesn't really toast. I also tried toasting without rinsing, and I didn't notice a huge taste difference. I'm wondering if it's really worth the trouble. 
    Also, you really have to try that cookbook I mentioned in my last post, everything I've made is so good. I made the sushi roll edamame salad for lunches to take to work the last couple days (greens, brown rice, edamame, carrots, cucumbers, nori, and a delicious miso/ginger dressing), it was so good and so filling. Her recipes are so imaginative and flavorful. 

  4. That's a really good idea! I will work on that. There are so many photography apps, it can be overwhelming! I think it really takes a lot of experimentation, and developing your own style. But I can share what my experiences have been so far to help get you using all those apps you've been downloading :o) 

  5. yum on all four quinoa recipes – keith and i have been making lots too, and we adore it in all forms! thanks!

  6. and the second photo is my fave. love the lavendar color :*)

  7. i have to say it’s a toss up between 1 & 3 for me…1 might win by a smidgen! Love the iphone case. it’s just sooooo cute. I also would love a post about how you edit your photos. i know it must just be a process of playing around with them, but mine never ever come out looking anything like the wonderful creations you make!!!! have a great one 🙂 Also, i am going to attempt to cast on my first pair of socks this week… any newby suggestions or tips from you would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  8. Let me know if you try and like any of the others. I've also used it in soup, I love the texture it adds!

  9. I'm going to work on a post about editing photos, maybe later this week! I'm glad there is some interest, I'm not an expert, but I have taken a few photos that I really like. 
    As for the socks, are you doing cuff down or toe up? I usually do cuff down on DPNs. Maybe one day I will learn the magic loop method, but I actually like knitting on DPNs. If you're doing cuff down, cast on an extra stitch on the last needle. Then make sure your stitches are all straight and not twisted between the needles. Move that extra stitch from the last needle to the first needle, and when you start knitting, knit that extra stitch together (or purl together, whatever you're supposed to do with the pattern) with what was the first stitch. That will help so much with the gap between those two needles. The first few rows are the hardest, and always a little awkward, but once you get a half inch or so on the needles, you'll start flying :o) Good luck! Let me know if you run into any problems!

  10. I have never rinsed my quinoa and haven’t noticed that it’s bitter or anything. Yes, I toasted my quinoa this most recent time and it didn’t seem any different to me. So, I’m not going to bother again.
    I need that cookbook for sure!! Yum.

  11. thank you for the tip!!! im going to try to do a cuff down on DPNs. i really liked using them when i made a few hats. i’m thinking i want to try to do these do you think it will be too difficult for my first pair??? the only thing i’m worried about is getting confused because i’m not using the 2 circular needles. i’ve read and read and it says to just read the pattern well and once your going you will kind of figure out what is going where. i hope that is the case…eeeeeek. is it normal to be this nervous/giddy/excited about trying to knit something new? lol.

  12. I really like number 2 photo. Feels old-fashion.

  13. It does, doesn't it? I like that faded-ness of that one :o) 

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