A Pictoral Entry, in which I show no shame for my slovenliness

Posted by on February 25, 2005 in other things | 2 comments

I haven’t spent much time in my creative space (studio/guesthouse/craft closet) lately. How long has it been, you may be asking. Let me give you an illustration:

Do you see that orange thing on the ground? What is it? If you guessed a pumpkin, you’d be half right:
Give me a break, it’s been raining every weekend since December. I can’t go out in that kind of weather to pick up rotting pumpkins.

I use this little walled off area (used by the previous owners to grow, uh, hemp or something) to make stuff that’s not knitted or sewn or electronic. I wasn’t cleaning up after myself for awhile, and things have been piling up:
Doorway_1 Floormess Craftcloset Deskmess
I actually managed to clear off a little space on the top of the desk, so I can try to do some painting. The floor, however, is scaring me. I’m setting a goal right now to have this mess cleaned up by my birthday, which is the end of March. I’ll post the after pictures then.


  1. Good luck! As bad as it sounds I’m always comforted by other people’s photos of their own craft/work areas. It’s good to know I’m not alone. No matter how much I try to stay on top of things they just get away from me!

  2. I finally invested in 3 drawer carts for all of the lingering craft supplies that were laying around on my table. I’m trying really hard to become more organized, but it’s never truely been my nature. I like creative messes, even if it is bad feng shui! 😉

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