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I have lots of pictures today, I hope this entry doesn’t take forever to load. I bought a big basket this weekend for my yarn stash, which as most knitters will understand, has gotten a little out of control. As I was filling the basket with yarn, I was wondering if the cats would notice it and want to lay in it. How long did that take? I’m guessing it took less than 12 hours for them to realize what was going on:
This is Gigi. She will find the warmest, softest spot in the house and not move from it for 8 to 10 hours at a time. Her favorites? My lap, my bathrobe, my blanket knit from Homespun, and now, my yarn basket. She’s a little cross-eyed. I call her my little meatball. The two hours a day she is not asleep are spent eating, throwing herself on the floor in front of Reggie so he will lick her, on a sunny window sill, or trying to figure out a way to get into my lap. Unfortunately, this is just about the darkest corner in our house, so the picture is not as cute as it was in real life.

I took some pictures of the finished curtain:
Curtains2 Curtains1
The second one is cut out, but that’s about as far as I got this weekend. I was lazy and laid around with a bit of a cold.

I did get fun mail, however:
Yvonne and I had a little Christmas-y/Sint Niklaas fun swap. Only we both were awfully busy in November and December, so we did it this month. Beautiful magazines, cute fabric, a chocolate initial (a Sint Niklaas tradition which makes me ridiculously happy), and an adorable bag full of speckulaas (that may be mis-spelled). Of course, everything is just lovely and I love it. Thanks Yvonne! You’re the best swapper ever. I hope my box arrives soon at her house. The other cat, Dune, is my display model. Isn’t he doing a good job? Actually, I’m pretty sure he is thinking, "Hey lady, I’m laying here, get your crap away from me. Hmm, this smells interesting."

I signed up for Amy’s Valentine ATC swap and made these little guys over the weekend:
Atcsdune2 Atcsdune1
The front has a little mini book, which I hope will be used for a love message or poem, and a little plastic flower with a bead center, the back is a page from an old book, and a winged heart stamp that I carved a long time ago. I’ll also sign the backs. I hope they’re not too simple, but that’s just my style. They did take a bit of time to make. I always get all insecure when I’m sending these things out. There are some really artistic people in this swap, so I hope they aren’t disappointed with mine. Dune didn’t want to move, so I made him my little ATC stand.

When the photo session was just about over, Dune started hamming it up for the camera:
Cutedune Cutedune2
He used to be show cat, so he really can’t help himself.


  1. I didn’t know that you have such good looking cats!! Oh and I love the clogs. I think I’m going to get some red ones for in my new cabinet. It’s silly really that I don’t own a pair. My mother still uses them for gardening. I also love the bedding and the curtains and the cards you’ve made – Aaaargh, I always love everything you do!!!

  2. Hi! I love your style! Hope it’s OK that I put a link to you in my blog?

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