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I am loving green beans lately, I don't know why. It all started when I made this stew, which I can highly recommend. It couldn't be easier, and it's such a comforting, warming meal for a cold night. Do add a little water, though, when you add the green beans. I found that it will scorch without added liquid. And get some good Greek yogurt to go along with it, and don't be stingy, add a big dollop or two to your bowl.

This little side dish, however, I think will be good no matter what the tempurature outside. It's really at it's best at room tempurature, so I think it would make a nice summer dish with some simple grilled fish or chicken. It was also just right with the pot roast and mashed cauliflower I made last night. 

I could be all formal with the recipe, but really, there's nothing to it. Lightly steam some green beans (these are the slender haricot vert version, from Trader Joe's, but thicker, more mature beans would still be good), until they are just tender but still bright green. Season lightly with sea salt (I sprinkle it on before cooking). While the beans are still hot drizzle with good olive oil and toss to coat. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and then crumble a small cube of feta over the top. That's it!

What are your favorite vegetables at the moment?  


  1. This looks so good! I’ve been on a green bean kick myself…must be the time of year? Just last night I lightly steamed some baby green beans, then finished them up in a saute pan on a med-high heat with a little butter & olive oil, salt, minced garlic & slivered almonds. Couldn’t get enough!

  2. Yum, that sounds good too. When is green bean season, anyway? I have been seeing them a lot lately, I thought they were more of a late summer/fall thing. 

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