a box of tissues

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Have you heard? They made a movie. If you go see it, you should take a lot of tissues. Knowing the story, I think I will probably cry from the opening credits all the way to the end.

Have you seen The Lives of Others? I actually watched it a while ago, but it is still with me. I highly recommend it.

That's all I've got for you right now, maybe I'll be more interesting by this weekend. On a lighter note, Craftzine linked to the post about my Ginger Pear Upside Down Cake. You know, the one where I talked about barfing for seven hours. It's so great that several hundred people who have probably never read my blog came to read about a delicious cake, but then had to read that. Sorry new visitors! I hope you'll come back anyway.


  1. I heard about this movie also! It definitely sounds like a tear-jerker! I don’t think it’s playing in any theaters near me, though.. I’ll prolly have to wait for dvd.. sad.

  2. Ohh… wow!!
    I have put that on my class’ reading list for 2009. Such a powerful story.

  3. Oh man…. i want to see this!!! I love learning about the holocaust. I want to know everyones story… I think because I am so shocked that this horrible thing happened not even that long ago…. It is so sickening that people could treat other people like this….

  4. I heard about “The Boy in the Striped” pajamas being made into a movie- having read the book, I don’t think I could go see such a sad movie (the book did it for me). Ooh, but “The Lives of Others” looks really good! Have to go see this one. Ha- it’s so funny that they would link that entry to your blog- sorry, it’s too funny. Well, one peek around and they’ll see that you’re not all bodily fluids talk….

  5. I do not think I want to see this movie, it is too sad. The Lives of Others was a great film. It totally got under my skin, because I lived in West-Berlin when the wall was up and having family living on the east side, knowing what they were going through and not being able to help in any way (besides sending some care packages) that was heart wrenching. It is a great story and done very realistically.

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