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I'm sewing today, just because I can (Happy President's Day!). I'm also practicing taking pictures with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens. I went the bargain route, so it doesn't have auto-focus. I have to do it all on my own. It's quite a challenge.


One sewing project: hankies! Just for fun. I found this woven plaid at Joann last fall. It's soft, soft cotton, so it will feel nice against my nose. I love vintage hankies, but I can never bring myself to use them, but this fabric was on sale, super cheap, so I don't think I mind if they get a little snotty.


Look at those dreamy eggs!

And this sweet dog:


I may need to adjust the aperture for shots like this. Still, he's so cute.


This one is actually from a few days ago, when the snow was melting. I like water droplets. 



  1. Hey Girl! Looks like your lens is working nicely! Oh how I miss my SLR and depth of focus. Waaaaa!!!!
    Dreamy eggs indeed.

  2. I do love those blurry backgrounds :o)

  3. Lovely hankies – I do like that red stitching.
    I don’t get to play with my camera enough. I went to some botanical gardens at the weekend and found myself jealous of the people playing around with tripods and the like, when I was having to quickly snap a picture then run to catch up with the kids…

  4. Beautiful! I so love that fuzzy face.

  5. just found you. love your photos.

  6. Hey Lucy :),
    I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award :).
    More info on my blog! Wanna play?

  7. BEautiful!!!

  8. Love that nifty, thrifty, 50.

  9. Totally caaute ducky!!
    The Blue Ridge Gal

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