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Show of hands, who else watches Clean House? Is it just me, or does that show make you feel just a little bit better about your housekeeping abilities? Actually, the first time I watched it, the hosts all kind of bugged me, but now I just really like them and their goofy jokes make me laugh, and I love it when Niecy gives the homeowners a well deserved smackdown when they won’t get rid of their stuff.

If you are a fan, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw a sign for a Clean House yard sale in a nearby town this past Saturday. I had to run errands on Saturday anyway, so I decided to check it out. I didn’t really plan on buying anything, but as soon as I walked up to the driveway, this little footstool caught my eye. There was a piece of tape on it that said "Antique", but no price. I only had $20 on me, so I wasn’t sure if i had a shot, but I had to try. Aren’t the legs cute? The cushion is faded and grungy looking, but otherwise in good shape.

I picked it up, and heard a rattling sound. I discovered that the top
lifted off, and the inside was filled with some lovely treasures:

Look at all those scissors! The big ones are pinking shears. I love the small, black embroidery scissors. Now I just have to figure out how to clean them up a little. I think I will take them to the knife sharpener and see what his opinion is.

Anyway, back to the yard sale, I was quickly accosted by Trish, who is so stinking cute, and a camera man. She said the footstool belonged to the homeowners’ mother and they were asking  $30. It  didn’t take much convincing for her to agree to $20. I even showed her that it was all that was left in my wallet. She said my wallet was very organized, which was quite a compliment, considering the source, and also that is was very cute and fierce. I’m not sure if I want them to include the footage of me. I’ll look like a gigantic Amazon next to Trish, and I’m not sure what all I said, but it’s likely that I sounded a bit flustered and foolish. Oh well, it was fun, and although I didn’t see Niecy, the others all looked like they were working really hard.

As exciting as my television debut was, I’m really happy with my lucky find. I’ve recovered the cushion with plain, natural linen. Eventually I’d like to do some crewel embroidery on linen to cover it, but I wanted to at least make it look a little more presentable in the meantime. I’ve also painted the wood with a coat of primer and a coat of glossy yellow. I think it’s going to need a little sanding and a second coat, but you can be sure I’ll take a picture when I’m done. I’d also like to line the inside somehow. with fabric or paper, I’m not sure which. 

I’ve also got pictures to share and a tutorial in the works for the t-shirt project, and I just caught up on the last two episodes of Project Runway, so maybe we can have another PR discussion too.Whew! So much to do!


  1. Ooh…I would get the bunch just for the treasures inside! Vintages sewing scissors and notions? TOTALLY worth the $20!

  2. That is quite a find!! And I *LOVE* Clean House. I watch it with my dad when I visit my parents. 🙂

  3. you’re famous!

  4. The contents alone were worth it. WOW how cool. I remember seeing the Clean Sweep vans in my area before it aired on TLC and contemplated tracking down this new show but was a bit busy with work and school at the time.
    I love the Clean House show. I just don’t have cable so I only see it on vacation.

  5. How cool is that??!! I watch the show with my mom sometimes- cracks me up. It always makes me feel like my house is so clean- the stuff people keep is unbelievable to me. Although, someone might think the same of my house- not the clutter, but I have neat little batches of funky things I keep for art purposes- and I make fun of my mom for growing up in the Depression and keeping everything! HA! I just keep selectively odd things, like the bags citrus fruits come in- cool for texture in painting and the waxy bakery white bags- another cool art item. Maybe I need to be on that show!!

  6. Oh! I love that show! And I love Trish! She’s from Kentucky, you know!
    What a marvelous find too! Lucky you!

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