$10 toilet paper

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Let’s lighten the mood a bit, shall we? This is a transcript of the message I left on Mr. Lucy’s mobile phone this morning when I got up (Mr. Lucy works at night), while standing cross-legged in the bathroom:

"Honey, I’m looking for a giant $10 package of toilet paper, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere."

Yesterday I asked him to stop for some toilet paper, because we were dangerously low, and he was kind enough to do so. I asked how much he spent at the store, so I could note it in the checkbook, and he said $48. "I just wanted toilet paper, what else did you get?" I asked. Well, the toilet paper alone was $10, he told me.  Now, I do generally buy the economy packs, but I don’t remember paying $10 for them. Six or seven dollars, surely, but $10?  How many rolls will $10 get you? Interesting question. I wouldn’t know the answer to that question however, because the giant package of toilet paper was still in the back of his car.

Here is a sneak peek at the pointy kitty I made for Backtack:


I am going to have to play the blonde card on this one. I thought we had to have our kitties mailed by June 10 (really, I was just so busy concentrating on all the rules-black & white, no more that 20% a third color, 5 buttons, a monogram…there just isn’t enough room in my brain sometimes), not sent so they would arrive by June 10. I actually was quite a bit ahead of the game and would have made the date easily, but I was planning on using this past weekend to make some other little treats to include, and obviously that didn’t work out too well. Ah well, I will have her in the mail in the next day or two, so hopefully she will arrive by Saturday, or Monday at the latest. I hope I don’t make the list of shame.

I really, really appreciate the kind words of sympathy. I would like to e-mail each of you personally with my gratitude, however my e-mail is yet again, not working, so I hope this will do. It’s very comforting to know that there are lots of people out there who understand what it is like to lose a pet. She was my friend and companion and my routines are all out of whack without her. There is just this absense that makes me ache. Dune is depressed, it’s like he is just pining for his Gigi. I hate it. Crap and darn-it, I miss my girl. We will get through this.


  1. I’m not sure how much toilet paper you get for $10, but for about $15, you can get 36 rolls at Costco.:-)

  2. Dear Lucy… Seeing I’ve just read that your email is not working – I’ll have to tell you my story and thank you here. We received the stamps on a day when my daughter was home ‘sick’ from school – we’d just got helium balloons from a store, but as she got out of the car she accidentally let it go and was having a big cry. I checked the mailbox and luckily your parcel was there and cheered her up no end (so the timing was just perfect – thank you!) There’s something on it’s way to you – hope you like…. Love from Jo, Nim & Romy xxx

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