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It might be time for a numbered list, as I have several unrelated items to post.

  1. I'm still slowly going through my fabric. Here is some helpful information if you need to de-clutter your fabric stash (I imagine it would work well for yarn or other craft supplies, too). The only thing I don't agree with totally is the part about doing it all at once. It can be an overwhelming task, and I tend to subscribe to the FlyLady philosophy-you can do anything for 15 minutes at a time.
  2. Miep Gies turned 100 this month. I love her story, and all those stories of people like her who helped so many people during World War II. Also, Miep is the cutest name ever.
    This is a good opportunity to once again recommend The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's not a true story, but still, it's so good, and just joyful, and it has to do with World War II. I think it's my favorite read of the past year.
  3. I've been sick all week, so the only studio project I've managed to complete is the hanging of this sweet little clock from Decoylab.Teaclock
  4. I completely forgot to mention that the U.S. version of Softies is out (it was originally published in Australia). The new version is called Softies Only a Mother Could Love: Lovable Friends for You to Sew, Knit, or Crochet.
    It's such a great little book, I'm so glad even more people will get a chance to buy it.

    To see more of what's inside visit the Penguin Australia site, you can visit the sites of all the contributors and even upload your own creations to a gallery. I've also amended the Flickr group to include both versions of the book, so please join and show off your softies!
  5. Sally came for a visit today while I was puttering in the little house. Please do not notice the dirty floor and scratched up door (you probably wouldn't have if I hadn't pointed those things out). I can't be bothered to vacuum or paint at the moment (see #3, above, for my excuse).
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another check mark

Saturday I devoted my whole day to thrift shopping/antique mall-ing in search of a dresser for the studio. Mission accomplished!


If you'll recall, it was on my Complete the Studio to-do list. Also on the list is Paint the dresser. I'm tired of painting at the moment, and it's been raining for four days, so painting is not going to be a high priority for awhile. I can live with it like this for a good, long while, actually. It would be better if it was a brighter white, to match the walls, but I can deal for now. The shape is just what I wanted, and the size is perfect. I love the handles, and, while I didn't really want anything too shabby chic or distressed, the little painted swags on the drawers are kind of sweet.I also didn't think I needed a side table, but when I saw that little white one for $45 I kind of had to get it, and it turns out that it's really coming in handy.

I managed to thin out my yarn stash, and fit nearly everything in the bottom drawer. There are a few balls of sock yarn in one of the top drawers, and it's so nice that it's all safe from those pesky cats. I decided to display part of my creamer collection on a tray on top.


I need to find some small projects for the odd balls of yarn. What do you do when you have leftover yarn or orphan skeins?

Once the dresser was organized I was so inspired by my pretty new space, I worked on some treats for the shop. There's a couple peepers in there right now, and I hope to have some pincushion/needlebook sets by the end of the week. It's so nice to work out there now. It's a small room (barely 10'x14'), but I've got so much of my junk organized and cleaned out that it's just so easy to work. 


And, since you haven't seen this fuzzy face for awhile, I leave you with the one and only Winston:


I can't take it when he looks at me like that. I had the day off today, and spent it in the studio with the rain and then snow blowing and blustering outside, and I had to let this muddy thing in because I felt sorry for him. I hope my carpet will come clean.

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bread pudding

I’m noticing a trend here at HeyLucy. Weekends seem to be full of good cooking lately. I’ve been stocking my freezer pretty regularly now, and since the weather really turned this weekend, it’s a comforting feeling to know that now on those chilly evenings when I get home from work I can pop something really delicious in the oven and have a nice warm dinner. Saturday night Mr. Heylucy and I made albondigas soup, and doubled the amount of meatballs so we could stick a bunch in the freezer. I love soup season! Hopefully Mr. Heylucy will start chopping wood and we can sit by the fire and eat soup. That is one of my favorite things about cold weather.

I also did a little baking this morning. Since starting my healthy eating plan earlier this year, I haven’t done much baking, but I thought it was time for a treat, so I made some bread pudding with a loaf of brioche. I thought I’d savor the last of the summer berries, and added fresh blueberries and strawberries. Oh my, it was so delicious and decadant.

Here it is before baking:

And after baking (I wish I had smell-o-vision for you):

It was crispy on the top and custardy underneath, and even though I thought I was a little stingy with the berries while I was making it, there really were plenty, since they sort of melted into it everywhere. Yum.

I worked on some things for the shop too, but didn’t finish as much as I would have liked. Still, there are a few things listed and more well underway. I finished my second book, but didn’t have time to take pictures, so it won’t be there before tomorrow night. I really hope to have a few more pincushions with matching needlebooks added by the end of the week, as well as three little chicks. Meanwhile, I tidied up a sock monkey I made ages ago and added some finishing touches to her outfit, so she is looking for a good home:

And I really like this cushion cover I made. I’d like to make more of these, with different animals and colors:

The bunny is stenciled and quilted. I love toile, but I think it might not be quite as stylish as it once was, so I think this gives it a nice little modern twist. The gardening scenes in this particular pattern made me think of Peter Rabbit. I hope I didn’t give these two gardeners nightmares by superimposing a giant bunny on them. He’s coming to eat their cabbages!


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One of my big goals for the weekend was to finish all the laundry and put it away. I don’t mind laundry, and there’s only two of us, so it’s not like there’s even that much to do, but somehow I always get caught on that last step, you know, the actual putting away of the clean clothes. I wonder what that says about me. Nothing flattering, I think. Honestly, right now I’m pooping out and I don’t think the clothes are going to be folded tonight, much less put away, but I did finish a lot of other things, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it. Actually, I mopped the kitchen floor on Saturday, so I’m not going to worry about the laundry at all. Mopping earns you a break from laundry, doesn’t it?

As I mentioned before, my Spring Forward socks were easily finished on Saturday. I’m finally getting the hang of the elusive kitchener stitch. The toes on these aren’t perfect, but they’re the best I’ve done so far.


I did go up a needle size, from one to two, so they would fit my big feet. I could tell within a couple inches of knitting on the ones that they wouldn’t fit, so it was simple enough to undo and start over.

I’ve also been working away at some items for the shop, and finally got a few done and listed. I’m having a little crisis of confidence. All week I’ve been thinking of all these great ideas, sketching, making lists and just planning and scheming, but when it comes down to actually adding a listing to etsy I get all nervous and doubtful of my once great ideas. This isn’t a pity post, fishing for compliments sort of thing, because I think the only thing that will reassure me are actual sales with positive feedback. Blergh. Okay, I will just act brave and confident, and keep plugging away here in the Hey Lucy workshop. If nothing else, I’m really enjoying myself, going from one activity to the next. A little bookbinding here, a little sewing there, a little drawing and stenciling, and even knitting a tiny hat for a tiny chick.


He’s in the shop, all by his lonesome, except for these pincushions, but now that I’ve worked out the pattern, I’ll be making a few more. I think. Or maybe not, maybe no one will like him and I should just go back to the drawing board.


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whoa dude

Softies I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but thanks to eagle-eyed Belinda, who saw a copy on Sooz’s blog, it looks like Softies is coming very very soon. Do you see that? Wow, my little monster is on the cover! I did not expect that at all. Not only that, look how cute the other softies are? Now I really can’t wait to get my copy. I’m really really excited now. I can’t even type any more, I’m all woozy.

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