this spring

This spring has been nearly perfect up here in our little mountain town. I have loved every last daffodil that has bloomed, cutting weekly bunches to enjoy on my desk at work.



I usually had some company while I cut my bouquets. Hi Pixel!


I don’t have any¬†ranunculus growing in the yard , but a $5 bouquet from Trader Joe’s in shades of peach and coral made me happy for over a week.



The lilacs were amazing this year, and I  use that word sparingly. Last year, just as they were about to bloom we had an icy snow storm that killed them all. I guess they decided to make up for it this year.



I’ve been documenting all the ways I’ve been enjoying my flowers on Instagram

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, if you need to see more.

I’m momentarily without flowers for cutting, so I’m planning on some summer dahlias (see here for some of my inspiration), and ordered a few varieties from Swan Island Dahlias. We have lavender and roses growing now, so I’m hoping to have a few little bunches to clip and arrange soon. In the meantime, I’m also thumbing through The Flower Recipe Book, and dreaming of filling the house with bunches of flowers.

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I know, I know, enough with the Spring already, but I really can’t help myself. Here’s the thing you should know about my husband. Don’t ever, ever tell him you like something, unless you really, really like it. Because he will make sure you have more than you could have ever thought possible. I believe I mentioned that I liked daffodils once, and so now we have daffodils. Everywhere and every kind that you could possibly think of. I picked one of every variety that’s blooming right now and took pictures of each of them. There are some varieties that have already bloomed out, and some others that are just getting ready to go, but here are the most of the current ones:
How could I ever pick a favorite? I love the icy white ones, and the pale apricot centers and the double-ruffles, and the tiny, fragrant ones and the gigantic ones, and the pale ones with the deep orange centers. I know, this is my favorite:
All bunched together in a sweet smelling bouquet.

It seems that my sister is smitten too. Even in Italy, daffodils have an irresistable charm.

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